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Advanced Telescope 150/750 EQ-320

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Product description

More about the series Advanced...

This telescope is also available, together with accessories, in a beginners set.

The telescope for beginners who finally want to experience celestial objects for themselves

As a fan of the cosmos you’d like to take a look beyond our borders. To see stars, planets and nebulae that give you an impression of the vastness of space? Now you can experience it - without yet being an expert on the sky. This entry-level telescope is easy to use, but so powerful that you can see nebulae that are many light years away. Your travels in the Universe begin now - from your balcony or garden.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Enjoy the sharpness and clarity of objects thanks to the parabolic primary mirror
  • 2" Crayford focuser (patent pending) for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces. Easily connect additional accessories - also from other manufacturers
  • The equatorial mount allows you to precisely follow celestial objects
  • Complete telescope with two eyepieces for carefree observations
  • Succeed in finding objects more easily with an illuminated LED viewfinder
  • Identify stars, planets and nebulae straight away - even if you're still a beginner

To boost your view of the skies

You have surely looked at the stars on a balmy summer evening. But did you know that there are hundreds of objects hidden between the stars, that are waiting for you to discover? The parabolic mirror collects so much light that you will distinguish even weak objects in the eyepiece.

What can you see in the sky?

  • Lunar craters: thousands of lunar craters, peaks and valleys: the Moon is full of things for you to see.
  • Planets: Mercury, Jupiter or Saturn. The planets of the solar system are on our doorstep astronomically-speaking, and you will discover many details, such as the rings of Saturn.
  • Globular star clusters: the oldest objects in our galaxy present themselves as balls of fog that dissipate only at their edges. They accommodate up to a million stars.
  • Open star clusters: they sparkle like diamonds against the black night sky.
  • Nebulae: brighter hydrogen nebulae and planetary nebulae.

LED finder: turn seeking into finding

What is your telescope pointing at? The LED finder projects a red dot which becomes your orientation point when you are looking for an object. With the finder and a star map you can master the art of searching for an object in no time.

The mount for observing without drama

Observing only turns into an experience with a sufficiently stable mount. The big plus: the EQ-320 reliably holds the tube and ensures a steady picture. Compared to similar telescopes, the EQ-320 offers a more solid base with minimal vibration.

Fine movement: smoothly follow the stars

If you have ever tried to capture an object with a photographic tripod, you’ll know how difficult it can become. However with this mount it’s easy: with the two axes you can set up any celestial object and, using the fine adjustment shafts, keep it in your field of view, despite the Earth's rotation. The operation is as relaxing as a summit tour in a cable car. The views with the telescope are just as good.

Feature of the EQ-320 mount

  • Metal mount and aluminium tripod, so you start with a more stable foundation
  • With the fine adjustment you keep each object in your eyepiece
  • Easily adjustable geographical latitude, so that you can use your telescope in any location
  • Large storage tray because accessories needs to be close to hand during the night

The telescope is ready for your very own journey of discovery into the Universe. Now you only need to get on board.


  • Telescope with mount and tripod
  • Red dot finder
  • Two 1.25" eyepieces, 25mm and 10mm

It not only matters which telescope you buy but also where you buy it. Our additional services:

  • We are a leading telescope dealer and know the devices we sell. Our customer service team will gladly help you after your purchase if you have problems with assembly or operation.
  • We provide a copy of the 80-page Telescope ABC beginners handbook with every telescope.
  • We also provide an edition of the exciting astronomy magazine, “Sterne und Weltraum” with each telescope.

Our expert comment:

Find more telescopes for astronomy beginners in our comprehensive buying guide. The best telescopes for beginners

Tip: Our buying guide The powerful six-inch range contains a comprehensive overview of 150mm aperture telescopes.

The base plate of the 2" focuser is attached to the tube with M4 screws. The holes in the base are the same distance apart vertically and horizontally of 75mm. If you want to mount a different focuser, the base must be modified. Please use Contact us before you try it yourself.



Type of build
Aperture (mm)
Focal length (mm)
Aperture ratio (f/)
Resolving capacity
Limit value (mag)
Light gathering capacity
Max. useful magnification
Tube construction
Full tube
tube diameter (mm)


Main mirror´s construction
Secondary mirror diameter (mm)


Type of build
Connection ( to eyepiece)
2 (Reducing sleeve from 2 '' to 1,25 '')


Mounting type
Type of build
GoTo control



Included accessories

1.25'' eyepieces
K 25mm, K 10mm
Finder scope
Red dot finder


Total weight (kg)
Special recommendation
Eyepiece height at zenith (mm)

Area of application

Moon & Planets
Nebulae & galaxies
Nature Observation
not recommended
not recommended (Only with appropriate Sun filter)

Recommended for


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*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

Omegon Advanced Telescope 150/750 EQ-320
Everything you need to get going: complete telescope with lens, mount, tripod and eyepiece.
Omegon Advanced Telescope 150/750 EQ-320
Search and zoom in: get to know the skies with your telescope and insert any 1.25" or 2" eyepiece into the focuser for the desired magnification.

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