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Telescopes Mount

A mount is the foundation of an astronomical telescope. It usually consists of the mount head and an appropriate tripod.

The foundation of the telescope.

An important element of a telescope: the mount. It doesn't matter what construction type it is.
The optics can only be so good: if the mount is useless observing will never be enjoyable, even with the best optics in the world. When making your choice pay attention to stability, and it's better to ask us for help if you are still not quite sure.

More information:

  • Altitude
    The ascension axis adjustment range.
  • GoTo control
    Object positioning system, available in real GoTo and also PushTo versions.
  • Mounting type (3)
    Are mainly differentiated between equatorial and altazimuth. A special type of altazimuth mount is the Dobsonian mount.
  • Tracking
    This means the motorised tracking of an object. This can often be retrofitted.
  • Type of build (5)
    Describes the exact construction of the particular mount and thereby further subdivides the different types of mount.
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