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Omegon LED headlamp

Product no.: 21682
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon LED headlamp
Omegon LED headlamp
Product description
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Product description:

Omegon LED headlamp - Free-up your hands

The evening begins, and you are standing with your telescope under a marvellous starlit sky. You are looking forward to a night observing galaxies, star clusters and nebulae. Perhaps you also planning to draw these wonders of the heavens or to take photos of them. But of course you will have to deal with handling all the eyepieces, adapters, SLR camera, papers and pens too. It is dark and so you need more light and have to hold a lamp to shine where it is needed. But then of course you will only have one hand free. This is where a headlamp comes in extremely handy.

It must be practical to use at night!

You will always have both hands free with the Omegon LED headlamp. Simply put the LED headlamp on, its elastic strap fits extremely comfortably on the head. In winter, you can also wear the headlamp over a cap of course. The LED headlamp always perfectly illuminates just where you are looking at the time, as it moves together with your head. You no longer need to worry about using a hand lamp to find and operate things, but can freely use both hands for operating your camera or for drawing on a sketch pad much more comfortably.

Red or white - it is your choice

The headlamp provides both red and white LED lighting, which you can select between by simply sliding a switch. The lamp has three LEDs in total: two white LEDs on the right and left, and a red LED in the middle. The single red LED is entirely sufficient for use with dark-adapted eyes. The white lighting can be used to light the scene when setting up and dismantling your telescope and the red lighting for when you are actually observing.

The Omegon headlamp is very compact, will fit into any trouser pocket, and will be your constant companion for every observing session.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • LED headlamp with red and white lighting
  • very practical as you always have both hands free
  • ultra-long lighting duration
  • comfortable strap, adjustable to head size
  • held securely, even over a cap


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