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Product no.: 33144

1.25'', 2X, 3 Element Barlow eyepiece

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Product description

Omegon 2X short Barlow lens - ultra-short, 3-element apo Barlow lens

The Omegon 2X short Barlow Lens offers an ultra-short design and apochromatic correction. You can combine the Barlow lens with an eyepiece or a camera. Observe objects with remarkable sharpness and excellent contrast. And you will immediately notice the lack of any significant chromatic aberration.

3 lenses, one job - to deliver brilliant images

The combination of three lens elements means the Omegon 2X short Barlow provides particularly clear and sharp images. The big plus is that the colour fringes usually seen with achromatic lenses are completely absent with this lens. The individual lens elements are multi-coated, meaning you benefit from high light transmission and hence a bright image.

Very short construction

Use this Barlow where in particular where you need a shorter length. Sometimes the total accessory length with eyepiece, adapter or camera can be rather long. The Omegon short Barlow has a length of only 42mm.

For your eyepieces only the best - a compression ring

A built-in compression ring grips your eyepieces over a surface and not only at a point, as would be the case with unsophisticated models. This type of clamping provides your eyepieces with optimum protection from scratches or deep grooves, which hence become a thing of the past.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 3-element Barlow - high contrast without chromatic aberration
  • multi-coating on all lens surfaces
  • ultra-short length
  • compression ring
  • filter thread for any 1.25" filter
  • high-quality finish
  • protective dust cap



Magnification factor
Connection (to the telescope)
Coating of optical system
Number of lenses
Ring clamp


Diameter (mm)
Weight (g)
Barlow & Erecting Lenses
Type of build
Barlow Lens
Omegon 1.25'', 2X, 3 Element Barlow eyepiece
Omegon 1.25'', 2X, 3 Element Barlow eyepiece

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