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EQ-320 tracking motor set

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Product description

The tracking motor set for EQ-320 telescopes

You've only just located an object in your visual field before it once again wanders away. This is why you should mount your telescope on a motorised drive and save yourself from constant manual tracking. A good accessory for beginners who want to find their celestial bearings more quickly or want to dare to try astrophotography for the first time.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Tracking motor for automatic RA axis tracking counteracts the Earth's rotation: the objects remain constant in your visual field
  • Hand-held control unit with four star speeds to select between: 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x
  • Ideal for visual observations and astrophotography
  • 12V DC motor may be powered by battery pack or by optional power cable

Relaxed observing with automatic tracking

Once you have aligned your telescope with the first point of reference, you can keep the target stars and planets constantly in view, precisely in the middle of your visual field of view. With no manual tracking, you can concentrate fully on observing and take time to observe every detail - and also show friends and family.

The motor moves the telescope at the correct sidereal speed. You can choose between speeds of 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x so that you can make additional fine and coarse adjustments to the positioning using the hand-held control unit.

For every location on Earth
No matter where: Use your telescope for observations from any location you like. It even works in the southern hemisphere. You simply adjust your telescope's automatic direction of rotation using the N/S switch.

The first steps towards your own astrophoto
Of course, this EQ-320 accessory increases the comfort of your visual experience, but automatic tracking is also essential if you want to practice astrophotography. It makes it possible to take long exposures of objects without blurring. The Moon, individual lunar craters and planets can be wonderfully captured.



Appropriate for mounting
Power supply
12 (2.1/5.5 mm)
Motor speeds
2x, 4x

Special features

Tracking on RA axis
Tracking on DEC axis
Switch between northern / southern hemispheres


Mount accessories
Type of build
Motors & Controls
Omegon EQ-320 tracking motor set
Omegon EQ-320 tracking motor set

Customer reviews

Does the job

Review by Gordan on 08.10.2022 12:35:52

( 4 / 5 )

This does the job, I was able to amp up my astrophotography from very short (below 1s) exposures to about 10s in general, with really good polar alignment, I can get even more. However, you will have to go through all exposures and delete half of them, because the tracking doesn't remain consistent at long terms, still, I succeeded in taking some deep sky astro photos of some galaxies and nebulae that I couldn't see on short exposure. If you have the money for it, I still recommend going for a GoTo mount and autoguiding systems. Those will do better.

It's okey, but not great

Review by Keeslp09 on 13.09.2021 09:29:24

( 2 / 5 )

I bought one of these a few weeks ago. It kinda does the job, but it had a huge deviation when it comes to tracking objects. If you're shooting planets it's okey, but you have to adjust the telescope every 30 seconds or switch from North to South to get the object back in the view. Deepsky/long exposure photos are not recommended

Response on this review by our expert Ulrich Zehndbauer

on 13.09.2021 17:16:36

Dear customer,
thanks for the review. Please check if the batteries are OK and if your mount is correctly polar aligned. This could cause such problems. If this does not help, please contact our service via [email protected]
Best regards,
Team Omegon

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