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Inexpensive astrographs and versatile Newtonian telescopes.

The Photon series of Newtonian telescopes from TS Optics are ideal for a cost-conscious introduction to astrophotography. The large aperture ratio has a very positive effect on the exposure time required. The high-quality focuser helps with focusing.

However, these telescopes are also very well suited to purely visual observation and are supplied with an extension sleeve to focus with the eyepiece.

These Newtonian telescopes are real all-rounders!

Metal or carbon

These Newtonian telescopes are available with a carbon-fibre tube. In addition to the weight advantage, the main advantage is the better focus stability if the temperature changes. This is important for astrophotography. When the temperature drops, metal contracts and the focus changes. A readjustment to the focus will be necessary.

A carbon-fibre tube ensures that it is hardly ever necessary to adjust the focus even during longer exposures. Your images will be sharper.

Primary mirror from GSO

The Photon series' primary mirrors are made by GSO (Guan Sheng Optical). Over the years, the manufacturer has been able to maintain the high optical quality of the mirrors.

The Photon Newtonian telescopes are built according to TS Optics’ specifications. The size of the secondary mirror is optimised, and the focus position spacing is optimised for both visual observing and for photography.

Photon Series

Collimation Newton Telescope