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Telescopes General Series Messier

A large telescope range for ambitious beginners.

Long-established Bresser provides telescopes for ambitious beginners under the brand name Messier which offer excellent value for money. The Messier telescope systems can be extended and retrofitted, so that they can continue to be used long after the first purchase.

Das Dobson-Teleskop N 200/1200 Messier von Bresser Das Dobson-Teleskop N 200/1200 Messier von Bresser

In the Messier series there are refractors (lens telescopes), Newtonian telescopes and compact Maksutov optics. The latter are very suitable for travel and for observing the Moon and planets. The telescope tubes are equipped with a dovetail bar for attaching to a mount. Since these bars meet the so-called Vixen standard, the telescopes can be combined with almost any mount.

Bresser has developed the two mounts EXOS-1 and EXOS-2 for the Messier series. They are created specifically with these optics in mind. The mounts are available with or without a motor. To keep costs down when getting started, the motor can be initially omitted. A later retrofit is possible at any time. A motor is necessary for astrophotography in particular.

The EXOS-2 mount is even available with a GoTo computer control.

Bresser also offers Dobsonian telescopes in the Messier series. The larger models have real altitude wheels for great stability in any position. Thanks to tube clamps, these Dobsonian telescopes can also be attached to other mounts. Dobsonian telescopes are ideal for purely visual observing, and are very inexpensive.


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