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Large telescopes for observatories and mobile applications.

The CGE Pro mount carries over 40 kilograms and is thereby Celestron’s largest mount. Together with the 14" Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope from Celestron, the CGE Pro achieves observatory class. However, the CGE Pro is also suitable for mobile use, as it has a very stable tripod and - like all Celestron telescopes - is ergonomic in design and alignment.

Discerning astrophotographers use the CGE Pro in combination with a RASA astrograph or an EdgeHD telescope from Celestron.

An equatorial mount is and remains the first choice for astrophotographers, because it compensates for the rotation of the earth by tracking in just one axis. The rotation of the field of view, an annoying factor with telescopes on fork mounts, does not apply. For astrophotography, it is also important to be able to pan over the meridian without any problems. This requirement is fulfilled by the special axle geometry of the CGE Pro. In a type of "angled pier mount", the axis centre of gravity is shifted north to ensure free meridian transit. And yet the CGE Pro remains very stable because its centre of gravity is located above the centre of the baseplate.
The CGE Pro mount is easy to balance - no matter what accessory you attach to the eyepiece end or to the telescope, such as a guidescope, cameras, etc.