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Series by brand:


  • Advanced VX
    Low-cost mount for astrophotography with medium-sized telescopes
  • Astro Fi
    Beginner telescopes controlled via tablet or smartphone
  • CGX
    Compact Schmidt-Cassegrain optics on the very stable CGX mount.
  • FirstScope
    Small Dobsonian telescope, very popular as the first family telescope
  • Powerseeker
    Affordable entry-level telescopes - ideal for students or as a family telescope!
  • RASA
    Digital Schmidt camera for wide-angle astrophotography. It could not be better!


  • SolarMax II
    These inexpensive solar telescopes already have all the advanced techniques of Coronado.
  • Solarmax III
    SolarMax III solar telescopes are the latest H-alpha telescopes from Coronado.


  • Adventure Scope
    The perfect scope for the explorer seeking to observe both day and night objects
  • ETX
  • EclipseView
  • Infinity
    Beginner telescopes, which are also suitable for nature observation during the day.
  • LX200
    The most widely used advanced amateur telescope on Earth
  • LX600
    Simple to operate, portable telescopes that makes great astrophotos
  • LX85
    LX85: Ideal for ambitious beginners and experienced observers who want to get into astrophotography.
  • LX90
    Your first serious, large aperture telescope
  • Lightbridge Plus
  • Lx65
    The LX65 series combines advanced features with world-class optics in an easy-to-use telescope.
  • Polaris
    Affordable telescopes with a wide range of accessories, everything you need to get started!
  • StarNavigator NG
    Computerized GoTo telescopes at a great price!
  • StarPro AZ



  • ODK
    Highend Astrographs with Carbon tubes
  • VX
    A VX telescope will give some of the best images possible in a serious introductory telescope.


  • Avant
    Telescopes with a light mount and aluminum tripod
  • Heritage
    Dobsonian telescopes with table stand and very good mirror optics

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