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Telescopes General Series EQ-3

Equatorial mount for small to medium-sized telescopes.

Equatorial mount for small to medium-sized telescopes


The EQ3-2 series is considerably more stable and precise than the EQ-1 and EQ-2 mounts. Light and medium-weight telescopes up to 5 kilograms can be tracked manually with the fine adjustment knobs. For an even more precise alignment, the mount can be retrofitted with a polar finder or a GoTo controller.

EQ3 Pro Synscan

The retrofitted EQ3 series is the perfect combination of uncomplicated design and advanced technology. With GoTo technology for automatic tracking, you not only get an introduction to visual observation, but also to astrophotography. Choose from a database of over 42,900 objects and, with a medium telescope weighing up to 5 kilograms, you can explore the sky.


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