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Carbon-fibre Newtonian telescopes, versatile, especially for astrophotography.

The CT Ultra series offers Newtonian telescopes with different apertures and focal lengths, which are equipped with a carbon-fibre tube.
The CT Ultra Newton’s primary mirror has a surface precision of 1/10th lambda (peak-to-valley) and a high 97% reflectivity thanks to a Hilux coating. Each telescope is supplied with an exact optical specification and a ZYGO interferometer.

Telescopes that meet high expectations, especially for astrophotographers!

Standard or long tube?

The telescopes in this series have a short focal length. They are therefore very suitable for faint deep sky object astrophotography, where a fast optic allows shorter exposure times.

Most models in the series also have a variant with a somewhat longer focal length, which is indicated by an L in the product name. The longer version has a longer focal length. This makes the optic a little less fast (slightly longer exposure time), but allows higher levels of magnification, which has an especially positive effect on the observation and photography of the Moon, planets and nebulae.