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Product description

More about the series Argus...

Omegon Argus - ultra-light binoculars for astronomy and nature-watching

Nature shows its charms not only during the day. How about getting a look at the nightlife of animals? Or take a look at the stars - and at the nebulae and clusters. Argus binoculars let an enormous amount of light through. Use them at dusk or at night - there is always a lot to discover after the day.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • magnesium housing - makes your binoculars light and robust
  • shockproof - ideal for outdoor use
  • BAK-4 prisms - clear viewing thanks to a high-transparency prisms
  • waterproof and nitrogen-filled
  • multicoated to prevent reflections

Magnesium housing - no more tired arms

Imagine you are observing something in the sky with some other binoculars. After some minutes it starts to become tiring and you have to change your grip. But your arms start to ache anyway and you have to give up. But Argus binoculars have a magnesium housing under their black skin - making them amazingly light and letting you use them for much longer periods than would otherwise be possible.

A white image with crisp contrast

Argus binoculars let you see nature as it really is! They provide a neutral-white image. Many other binoculars are often let down by an intense yellowish image.

And the contrast is also brilliant! All lenses are multi-coated to prevent reflections and stray light. So the light gets to precisely the place where it needs to be - in your eyes.

High edge definition

From the centre right out to the edge of the field of view - as soon as you look through your Argus binoculars you will enjoy fantastic sharpness over the entire field of view. This is due to the special optical design and 8 lens element eyepieces.

Comfortable for everyone -eyepieces for spectacle wearers

More than half of the population wear glasses! It's time for a change - the eyepieces of this binocular series are more kind to spectacle wearers. No more “Where did I leave my glasses?" Leaving your glasses on still lets you see the entire field of view through these binoculars.

Individual focusing - adjust the eyepieces separately

Your Argus binoculars allow you to adjust the focus for each eyepiece separately. So, in future, you will always have everything in focus and will no longer need to fiddle with them when observing distant objects. And a quick look is then possible if you discover something exciting.



Type of build
Porro prisms
Front lens diameter (mm)
Exit pupil (mm)
Interpupillar distance (mm)
Glass material
Lens coating
fully, multiple
Focusing system
Single focusing
Eyepiece cups
Diopter-adjustment side
on both sides (Single eyepiece focusing)

Special features

Zoom function
Image stabilizer
Threaded tripod connector
Protection bag

Field of view

Light intensity
True field of view (°)
Apparent field of view (°)
Field of view at 1,000 m (m)
Twilight factor


Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)

Area of application

Bird watching
not recommended
not recommended
Travel and sports
not recommended
not recommended
not recommended

Recommended accessories

Binoculars (2)

Omegon Pro Neptune fork mount with centre column and tripod

$ 1,290.00*
Photo Tripods (1)
Aluminium tripod

Omegon Titania 600 tripod

$ 99.00*
Maintenance & Cleaning (4)

Omegon 7-in-1 lens cleaning set

$ 19.90*

*All prices include VAT plus shipping costs.

Omegon Binoculars Argus 25x100
Their 100mm diameter lenses mean these huge binoculars provide plenty of light. And the magnesium alloy housing means that they are much lighter than most comparable binoculars.

Omegon Binoculars Argus 25x100
A robust tripod adapter is included. It can be adjusted on the centre column of the binoculars to find the optimal point of balance for observing

Omegon Binoculars Argus 25x100
Everything at a glance - the Argus series technical data

Customer reviews

Excellent binocular!

Review by d. l. on 18.03.2016 20:34:47

( 5 / 5 )

These Argus series share absolutely same optics as Lunt Magnesium series, while Lunt are now discounted, and never offered 20x80 and 25x100, as well 12x50 models.

While I like big binos, I decided to take Argus 25x100.

All in all, it is approx 10cm shorter and approx whole 1kg lighter than Wega 25x100 bino I recently did short review here

I do qick daytime observation, on criticall objects, and if eyes are right placed, image is excellent, with very low amount of false colours. If you move eye from center, colour abberations are noticable.
FOV in Argus is also noticable larger (67.5 deg vs Wegas 60 deg.)

Also, Argus FOV is excellent corrected to edges.
While it shares same eyepeices design as Lunt 16x70 which I had, stars must be sharp to approx 90% more/less FOV.

I measure diameter of objective with LED flashlight, it is 98.5mm, which is more than Wega have.

All I can say, contrast is amazing!

Best of all 25x100 binos for sure. Stars are sharp up to approx 80% FOV, which is bit less than 16x70 model have, but still very impressive due his 67.5 deg FOV!
All in all, amazing bino, not cheap, but worth the money in any case!

Objectives looks excellent, but honestly Wega 25x100 have better looking lenses, and seems more transparent objectives vs Argus 25x100.

Interestingly, Argus produce cleaner image, with better contrast and noticable bigger FOV vs Wega.

If I must rank big binos like TS 25x100, Wega 25x100, TS Marine 20x110 and TS Marine 28x110, I would rank them as follow:

1. Omegon Argus 25x100 - cleanest image, and seems to have bit tighter stars vs others, second in correction of false colours, best contrast, biggest FOV, lightest and shortest of all
2. Wega RP Optix 25x100
3. TS Marine 20x110 - smaller amount of false colours of all, smallest FOV
4. TS 25x100
5. TS Marine 28x110 - longest of all, very heavy, tons of false colours (I hate that)

Orion nebula look beautifull. I was able to split 4 stars in trapezium with ease.
Jupiter clearly shows brands, with slight violet halo around it.
Really excellent instrument which I can highly recommend to anyone.

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