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Glossary | Binoculars | Field of view | True field of view

The angular field of view visible with the binoculars.

How big should the field of view be for a pair of binoculars, and there are big differences between them?

With binoculars, a large field of view is always an advantage. With a combination of the visual image from both eyes, the human eye has a field of view of 180°. This is of course not achievable with a pair of binoculars. Nevertheless, an attempt is made to obtain the widest possible field of view.

Magnification and the eyepieces are decisive factors with binoculars. The smaller the magnification, the greater will be the field of view. Furthermore, wide angle eyepieces are produced with special eyepiece designs, which provide a wide field of view even at higher levels of magnification.

But here we must pay close attention, because some low-cost manufacturers offer binoculars with a large field of view, but where the image sharpness drops away in the last third. Good binoculars have a usable, sharp field of view right to the edge.