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Binoculars Field of view

Information about the field of view enables binoculars to be more easily compared with one another.

More information:

  • Close focus limit
    The shortest distance which can still be seen sharply through binoculars.
  • Field of view at 1,000 m
    The visible field in meters, that can be seen from a distance of 1,000 meters. This information is often more easily visualised as an angular measurement.
  • Light intensity
    The geometric light intensity is a theoretical value. It is an indication of the expected brightness of the image.
  • True field of view
    The angular field of view visible with the binoculars.
  • Twilight factor
    Used to compare binoculars’ performance in low light conditions. The higher the number, the more suitable it is for twilight. However, the value should always be considered in connection with the exit pupil.
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