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2x ED Barlow lense 2"

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Product description

Omegon 2X ED 2” Barlow lens - More aperture for your photography and observing

Most large telescopes have a 2” focuser. You can use this to your advantage by using a 2“ Barlow lens and discovering all the additional advantages this can offer.

The Omegon 2” Barlow lens provides a good image with high contrast. The use of ED glass means that visible colour aberrations are reduced to a minimum with the image appearing substantially sharper. In addition, all lens surfaces have been provided with a green multi-coating to reduce reflections.

Larger diameter - more scope for your lenses

The 2“diameter also allows you to insert your 2'” eyepieces into the Barlow, doubling their magnification. This saves the need to buy additional eyepieces. The large lens diameter also means you will notice no shadowing in the image.

Astrophotography with the Barlow lens

You can also use the Barlow lens for astrophotography. Especially for compact objects, sometimes more focal length is required in order for them to be seen at a reasonable size in the image. The big plus: There is also no shadowing apparent on small image format camera chips.

Ergonomically designed

Naturally, clear starry nights can be cold in summer. This often means there is no choice but to wrap up warmly. This Barlow lens has been designed with a high grip exterior to provide a good grip, meaning that it is easy to handle securely even with gloves on.

Still more possibilities

One does not always need the focal length to be doubled. It is also possible to use just one section of this Barlow lens in order to get a magnification factor of something like 1.5x. The lower Barlow element can simply be unscrewed and then screwed into any 2” eyepiece. This Barlow element is correctly threaded for this purpose.

There is a 2“ filter thread provided on the lower part of the Barlow lens and on the reducer adapter for using your filters.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 2” Barlow lens for 2” and 1.25” accessories
  • doubles the focal length of the telescope
  • ED glass element to reduce colour aberrations
  • large lens diameter gives excellent illumination
  • safety groove to stop lens falling out
  • 2“ filter thread
  • 1.25“ reducing sleeve for attaching 1.25“ accessories



Magnification factor
Connection (to the telescope)
Coating of optical system
Number of lenses
Connection ( to eyepiece)
1,25" & 2"


Barlow & Erecting Lenses
Type of build
Barlow Lens

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Omegon 2x ED Barlow lense 2"
Omegon 2x ED Barlow lense 2"

Customer reviews

Review by anonymous on 13.10.2015 13:53:44

( 4 / 5 )

This Barlow lens is a good value for the price, it gives nice and sharp views in visual use. Just take into account that it introduces chromatic aberration if used for photographic/planetary purpose

Ligera aberracion cromatica

Review by Whitecat on 19.10.2013 16:17:11

( 4 / 5 )

Como indico tiene ligera aberracion,a pesar de ser ED,es imperceptible en visual incluso a altos aumentos,pero fotografia se aprecia mucho,por su precio y su gran apertura de 2" es una buena compra,si vas a gastar tiempo en este pasatiempo... y quieres algo para uso fotografico hay que ir a un rango de precio mayor.
Conclusion:gran apertura robusta construccion.

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