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Omegon Telescope Pro Astrograph N 200/640 OTA CEM40

Product no.: 71357
Manufacturer: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Telescope Pro Astrograph N 200/640 OTA CEM40
Omegon Telescope Pro Astrograph N 200/640 OTA CEM40
Omegon Telescope Pro Astrograph N 200/640 OTA CEM40
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Product description:

Omegon 200mm f/3.2 Newtonian Astrograph

The compact and portable Newtonian Astrograph has been developed for the dedicated astrophotographer who wants a powerful telescope with very good sharpness over a large field of view. The Astrograph has been developed for modern sensors with high resolution and large diameters up to full format.

The extremely fast aperture ratio of f/3.2 allows you to take very deep shots of deep-sky objects in just one night, while maintaining very high magnification. Images of extended nebula objects or galaxy clusters are thus possible.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Parabolic primary mirror with a 200mm, f/3.2 aperture
  • 3" corrector with 0.85 reduction built into the focuser
  • 90mm diameter secondary mirror (minor axis) for full illumination up to full format
  • Large 3" rack and pinion focuser with reduction and M48 adapter
  • Tilting possibility at the focuser
  • Adjustable and stable holder for primary mirror and secondary mirror
  • Fully illuminated and corrected image field of 44mm diameter
  • Working distance of 55mm from the M48x0.75 thread

The mount head weighs only 8.2 kg, yet can support a payload of up to 18 kg. This extremly good payload to weight ratio of 2.5 makes the CEM40 versatile. You can carry it to your favoriert place under a dark sky or at your backyard observatory with a relatively small pier.

But there are more advantages:

  • An integrated electronic polar finder scope (iPolar) ensures accurate alignment even at times when the pole star is obscured.
  • Large levers on its quick-lock drive engagement system make it easy to snap its gears into place even when wearing gloves.
  • There's little chance of your cables getting snagged with the CEM40's internal cable management system.
  • The mount comes with the new Universal Self-Centering Saddle for Losmandy and Vixen style dovetails.
  • The CNC body looks sharp but is really robust.

The GoTo-Technology features a Go2Nova 8407+ controller with integrated heater for its large display, a 212,000 object library, integrated 32-channel-GPS and ST-4 auto guiding port.

Another great feature besides the center-balance is the ultra-quiet low power consumption stepper motor drive systems. Both models of the CEM40 are precise trackers, the CEM40-EC version delivering <0.25 arcsecond accuracy with its high-resolution encoder and its real time periodic error correction (RPEC).

The CEM40 is a extremly versatile and advanced mount.

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