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Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 26x82 - 90°

Product no.: 61491
Manufacturer: Omegon

$ 1,490.00

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This product is available in the following variants:
Front lens diameter (mm) Price
70 $ 1,390.00
82 $ 1,490.00
100 $ 1,690.00
360 degree Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 26x82 - 90°
Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 26x82 - 90°
Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 26x82 - 90°
Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 26x82 - 90°
Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 26x82 - 90°
Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 26x82 - 90°
Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 26x82 - 90°
Omegon Binoculars Brightsky 26x82 - 90°
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Product description:

A telescope for daytime, for night-time – for all of nature

A deer at the edge of the forest at twilight, a ship in the distance or even stars and planets. Do you want to see it all? The new Brightsky large telescopes are real all-rounders and show you a large range of natural phenomenon. With large, tempered lenses, they also collect light at twilight and offer clear, sharp images - even of very distant objects. Choose between a telescope with a 45° or 90° diagonal. Discover even more now.

The highlights at a glance:

  • A 90° view for relaxed astronomical observations up to the zenith
  • Interchangeable eyepieces also allow you to use your own existing eyepieces and different magnifications
  • Waterproof and nitrogen-filled means you can use your binoculars in any weather and get a clear image, even in damp conditions
  • The magnesium housing ensures that your binoculars are especially lightweight, so that they can always be at your side on excursions
  • Multi-coated to prevent reflections - for a brilliant, sharp image

The focus adjustment has a precise, high-quality feel. The two separate helices can be adjusted smoothly and with pinpoint accuracy for crisp, sharp images.

Two 18mm wide-angle flat field eyepieces
Marvel at the wide field of view. Compared to many other models, these astronomical 18mm eyepieces reveal more nature and more of the sky. With a 65° field of view, they belong to the wide-angle eyepieces. The particularly flat field allows you to use the entire field of view for your observation and prevents image errors so you can enjoy a sharp image right to the edge.

Interchangeable eyepieces
The special advantage of this model; eyepieces can be exchanged at any time. Use other astronomical 1.25" eyepieces and increase the magnification as desired.

Tip: Two zoom eyepieces with continuous magnification can be a useful addition to your binoculars.

Filter thread for even more contrast
This model allows you to use your own 1.25" filters on the eyepieces to make observing even more enjoyable and interesting, something that most binoculars with fixed eyepieces lack. For example, how about using city light filters to enhance astronomical nebulae? Or grey filters for observing the Moon?

See even better with two eyes
These binoculars work almost like a telescope, but with one difference; each eye has its own optics. Observing with both eyes adds another dimension. You get a more vivid, relaxed experience and observe naturally right from the start.

Made of magnesium for light weight
Despite the large lens, these new binoculars are extremely lightweight. The magnesium housing provides a lightweight but sturdy design. This way you can take your binoculars with you on every trip in the future and return with unforgettable experiences.

90° angled view - perfect for amateur astronomers
Ergonomics is just as important as proper mechanics when it comes to observing. The 90° angled view eyepieces are particularly well suited for astronomers who like to observe objects close to the zenith. They make observing objects close to the zenith a lot more comfortable than with 45° angled eyepieces. You will know this as a general rule; if you are observing in a comfortable posture, you are also able to observe objects better and you simply see more.

Easy assembly

With the well-thought-out carrying handle on the top, you always have a firm grip on your large binoculars. It is particularly practical during assembly. It allows you to place it securely on a tripod within seconds.

Tip: Use a sturdy tripod with a video head or a fork mount. Observation is much more fun with a sturdy and practical mount.

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