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Product no.: 60250

Pro 40mm carbon tripod

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Product description

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More stability for your observation

Now nobody in the heavyweight class will challenge you anymore. The large Omegon Pro Carbon 40mm tripod simply takes them all on. From heavy cameras to massive binoculars or cinema-size camcorders. Just mount anything that needs a rock-solid footing to prove it. The 40mm tripod legs are high-grade and robust. The carbon tripod is guaranteed to take on the heavyweights. It is also compact and easily transportable.

The highlights of the Carbon40 at a glance:

  • Extremely sturdy carbon fibre tripod designed for vibration-free observation and portability
  • Large adapter plate for tripod heads with 3/8" thread to ensure a firm grip on the tripod
  • 40mm tripod legs for greater sturdiness that will securely support a spotting scope, large binoculars with a fork mount or heavy camera equipment
  • This tripod supports equipment weighing up to 50kg, at a weight of just 3.4kg
  • Steel spikes and rubber feet providing the right grip on any surface
  • Extreme reach for relaxed viewing - the tripod can be extended to a height of up to 1.90 metres

High-end carbon tripod
You know the story with lightweight aluminium tripods. Can you still picture the optics wobbling and shaking in your mind's eye? That is fortunately a thing of the past. This tripod is more stable than most of the other tripods we have seen so far. The reason for this is the beefy legs with a cross-section of 32mm or 40mm depending on the version, and a high-quality finish. Making sure you enjoy every observation in the future.

Adapter plate with 3/8" thread
A generous 100mm plate with a huge flat support surface and a 3/8" thread are suitable for all large tripod heads where heavy load and precision are important.

Versatile legs, steel spikes and rubber feet
On the parquet, in the dune or on a steep mountain meadow. The individually adjustable legs provide a solid base for any terrain. Depending on the footing necessary, you can choose between steel spikes for extreme grip or rubber feet for soft or sensitive surfaces.

Tripod with a height of 1.90 metres
It's simply huge. Your new tripod can be extended to a height of up to 1.90 metres. This allows you to look at the sky through binoculars without kneeling on the ground or contorting yourself.

Or simply to film an event above the heads of the audience. With this tripod you will get the right perspective for successful shots.

Bowl adapter for video head

An adapter with a 100mm bowl holds a half ball video head, allowing you to level your camera perfectly and extremely fast, even in the field.

Scope of delivery:

  • 40mm carbon tripod
  • Carrying bag with strap

Our expert comment:

Tripods must be light and compact for easy transport and as extendable as possible, while remaining sturdy and stable.

These characteristics are technically difficult to combine if the result is to meet high-quality standards. However, the Omegon Pro 40mm comes closer to this goal than was previously possible.

The combination of carbon and high-quality aluminium makes the tripod very compact and light with a transport weight of 3.4kg and a transport length of 70cm. The amply dimensioned tripod head is made of aluminium providing excellent stability, and all the other parts are also designed for quality and stability.

For example, if only one of the leg segments is extended, the tripod already reaches a working height of 130cm. The stability is comparable to much heavier wooden or metal tripods so there is no need to compromise on a stable base for spotting scopes, EQ-5 mounts and telescopes.

When all four leg segments are extended, the tripod reaches an impressive working height of 190cm and can still support heavy binoculars or smaller refractors without issue. The Omegon Pro 40mm carbon tripod offers the best combination of light weight, maximum stability, short transport length and high versatility in our range. It comes with a practical carrying bag, rubber feet (or optional spikes) and a 3⁄8-inch connector. There are many mount adapters available, please see the relevant accessory recommendations.



Camera tripod
Type of build
Load capacity (kg)
Connector thread on tripod head
Max. tripod height (cm)
Min. tripod height (cm)
Number of levels
Tripod leg extension
Tripod leg extension adjustment
Twist lock
Tripod pad
Rubber foot / spike combination
Carrying length (cm)

Special features

Carrying bag included with product contents
Video tilt head
Tripod head included with product contents


Weight (kg)
Omegon Pro 40mm carbon tripod
Carrying bag with shoulder strap
Omegon Pro 40mm carbon tripod
Replaceable steel spikes

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