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Omegon Binóculo Brightsky 22x70 - 45°

Nr. do produto: 61488
Fabricante: Omegon

$ 1.099,00

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70 $ 1.099,00
82 $ 1.249,00
100 $ 1.399,00
360 degree Omegon Binóculo Brightsky 22x70 - 45°
Omegon Binóculo Brightsky 22x70 - 45°
Omegon Binóculo Brightsky 22x70 - 45°
Omegon Binóculo Brightsky 22x70 - 45°
Omegon Binóculo Brightsky 22x70 - 45°
Omegon Binóculo Brightsky 22x70 - 45°
Omegon Binóculo Brightsky 22x70 - 45°
Omegon Binóculo Brightsky 22x70 - 45°
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Descrição do produto:

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Binoculars for the day, for the night - for the complete nature

A deer in the twilight at the edge of the forest, a ship in the distance or even stars and planets. You want to see it all? The new Brightsky binoculars are real all-rounders and show you a huge spectrum in nature. With large tempered lenses, they also collect light in the twilight and provide clear, sharp images - even with objects that are far away. Choose between a glass with 45 ° or 90 ° view. Now discover even more.

The advantages at a glance:

  • 45 ° view for pleasant observation of nature
  • Replaceable eyepieces: You can also use your own eyepieces and different magnifications
  • Waterproof and nitrogen-filled, this binoculars are ready for any weather and provide a clear picture even when wet
  • The magnesium case makes your binoculars very light, so it can always be there for excursions
  • Multi-compensation against reflexes - for a great and sharp picture

The sharpness setting feels precise and of high quality: and that is exactly what it is. The two separate Helikal shots can be adjusted softly and precisely - for crisp, sharp picture experiences.

Two 18mm wide-angle flat-field eyepieces
Marvel at the big picture. Compared to many other models, these 18mm astronomical eyepieces show more nature and more of the sky. With 65 ° field of view, they belong to the wide-angle eyepieces. A great advantage: Thanks to the particularly flat field, you can use the entire field of view for your observation, as aberrations are eliminated - for a sharp image to the edge.

Changeable eyepieces
The special advantage of this model: the eyepieces are interchangeable at any time. Take advantage of other astronomical 1.25 "eyepieces and increase the magnification as desired.

Tip: Two zoom magnifiers with infinite magnification can be a useful addition to your binoculars.

Filter thread for even more contrast
Something that most binoculars with fixed eyepieces miss: In this model, you can use their own 1.25 filters on the eyepieces to make the observation even better and more interesting. How about, for example, city light filters to amplify astronomical nebulae? Or with gray filters for lunar observation?

Why you see better with two eyes
This binoculars works almost like a telescope. But with one difference: Each eye has its own look. Observing with both eyes is another dimension. The impression becomes more plastic, more relaxed and you observe from the beginning quite naturally.

Made of magnesium for low weight
Despite the large lens, it has been quite easy to construct your new binoculars. A magnesium housing means low weight but high stability. So that you can take your Großfeldstecher on any journey in the future and return with impressive experiences.

45 ° view: Perfect for nature watchers

A pleasant posture is just as important to observation as good mechanics. The eyepieces in 45 ° is perfect for all nature observers. Even a glance upwards at a steep angle succeeds wonderfully. To observe the landscape and comfortably chamois or deer high up the mountains.

Easy installation

With the sophisticated carrying handle on the top, you always have your big binoculars under control. He is particularly practical in the assembly. How to set it safely and within seconds on a tripod.

Tip: Use a sturdy tripod with a video pager or fork mount. Stable and clever, the observation is much more fun.

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