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9x50 Angled Finder Scope, Black

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Product description

Omegon 9x50 finder scope - turns searching to finding

Finding astronomical objects is particularly easy with the Omegon 9x50 finder scope. Opt for the Omegon 9x50 finder scope - it provides both a bright image and comfortable viewing.

9x50 - the numbers say it all

This finder scope has a 50mm aperture, and so provides a particularly bright image. Objects which you are not even able to see using just the naked eye will usually become directly visible. Also, if you are trying to locate one of the brighter DSOs, this will no longer be able to remain hidden, giving itself up to your searching eye.

A big plus: a star map with reference stars with which one can orient oneself is usually used to find particular objects. Some of the stars shown on star maps cannot be seen, or are difficult to see, with just the naked eye however. This finder scope makes a large number of aditional stars available - a big plus for being able to successfully locate objects.

The achromatic optics provide a bright, true-to-life image at 9x magnification. In addition, the optical surfaces have been multi-coated to prevent irritating reflections.

How to find your object

The Omegon 9x50 finder scope has built-in crosshairs to let you find the correct object more easily and to put it in the middle of the main telescope's field of view. The threads have been kept quite fine but are still very visible against the night sky nevertheless. The finder scope comes supplied complete with a robust mounting plate. Two adjustment screws and a compression spring allow very rapid alignment with the main telescope. Precise focusing can be achieved by rotating the objective lens.

Simple assembly

The finder scope will fit into a large range of holders: Skywatcher, Vixen, Orion, GSO and many other makes have compatible finder scope shoes.

Angled eyepiece

The 90° viewing angle makes your searching much more easy and comfortable, even near the zenith. You will no longer need to strain your neck at difficult angles and are also able to search for objects which are not so easy to find. And if it takes a bit more time, then that is no longer a problem.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 9x50 finder scope with 50mm objective lens diameter
  • brighter DSOs directly visible
  • holder fits onto most telescopes
  • easy focusing at the objective lens
  • adjustment of finder scope alignment via two screws and spring



Lens diameter (mm)
Coating of optical system

Special features

Finder mounting bracket included
Oblique viewing position
Eyepieces changeable


Type of build
Optical finder
Variant name
Omegon 9x50 Angled Finder Scope, Black

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Omegon 9x50 Angled Finder Scope, Black
Omegon 9x50 Angled Finder Scope, Black

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