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Omegon Binoculars Orange 8x42

Product no.: 45846
Manufacturer: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Binoculars Orange 8x42
Omegon Binoculars Orange 8x42
Omegon Binoculars Orange 8x42
Omegon Binoculars Orange 8x42
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Product description:

Ultra-light all-round binoculars for beginners

Are you always discovering new interesting things to observe on trips or walks? These binoculars are suitable for anyone who wants to take a closer look at nature. Now is your chance, as Orange Line binoculars are purpose-made for the getting started in nature-watching. Their robustness and ease-of-use are their big advantages - meaning great fun for the entire family.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • no problems with the weather - their waterproof body means clear viewing 365 days of the year
  • smart design - brushed rubber armouring for a secure hold
  • individual - easy adjustment to your own eye spacing
  • focus can be set individually for each eye
  • rubber eyecups - perfect protection against stray light

A window into nature - multi-coated optics

Looking through these binoculars, you will see your surroundings in sharp detail. Perhaps you can hear interesting bird-song - these binoculars will let you find the singer. Then perhaps you will observe the glowing brownish plumage of a chaffinch, and see how cheerfully he sings - a moment to cherish for nature lovers.

Multi-coating on the lenses eliminates reflections and provides fantastic contrast - regardless of how bad the weather is. So on to new adventures!

The lightweight for rucksack or pocket

A pair of binoculars for travel, for quick views of nature, should not be a hindrance. You will hardly know you have a pair of Orange Line binoculars in your rucksack - they are no heavier than a lunch box. But if the opportunity is always there, immediately to hand if, say, a hare crosses your path.

Rubber eyecups to stop stray light

The eyecups keep all unwanted stray light away. They are moulded to fit the shape of your face. Imagine a laptop - the sun shines on the screen and you cannot see a thing. Only a sun shade will let you to see anything. And so it is with the eyecups - you will be able to see things much better.

Waterproof - in and on water

A big plus when it is damp - the binoculars are waterproof. So you can use still them just fine in a sudden downpour. But it is also ideal for water sports - when sailing, rafting or simply on the beach, In every environment they allow you to use their powerful performance. They are also nitrogen filled, meaning the lenses cannot fog up from inside.

Focus setting - individually for each eye

Do you want a perfectly sharp image - one that does not go out of adjustment? Whether with monocular or binocular - the Orange Line series lets you focus each eyepiece individually. This setting then remains permanently adjusted. And the next time you look through the binoculars, you have absolutely nothing to adjust. You can simply enjoy observing.

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