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A very good compromise between Plössl and extreme wide-angle eyepieces

The WA series of eyepieces from TS Optics offer a significant wide-angle effect, but only require 5 lenses. They are a further development of the classic Erfle eyepiece design.

A major advantage of TS WA eyepieces is their compact format. This, together with their lightweight construction, make them an ideal choice for telescopes with simple focusers.

No built-in Barlow lens

Many wide-angle eyepieces have a Barlow lens built into the end of the eyepiece. This artificially produces a short focal length. The TS WA eyepieces do not require a Barlow. There are several advantages to this:

  • Fewer lenses mean a brighter image and more contrast.
  • The viewing experience is very steady, the 1.25" eyepieces are also well suited to binoculars
  • Edge distortion is significantly reduced.
  • You can combine these eyepieces with a Barlow lens. This is not recommended for eyepieces with a built-in Barlow.
  • TS WA eyepieces have a very moderate focus position. You will be able to focus easily with any telescope.