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Cameras for lunar, solar and planetary imaging and autoguiding.
Meade LPI G LifeStyle

The LPI-G series of cameras are excellent for photographing the Sun, Moon and planets. Even small telescopes can carry these lightweight cameras. They are plugged into the telescope like an eyepiece, and connected to a laptop via USB.
The Meade SkyCapture software is included in the scope of delivery. It is intuitive to operate, and also allows the use of other programs via the ASCOM interface. Thanks to the ST-4 socket, the camera also works very well as an autoguider.

The standard version of the LPI-G series has a 1.2 megapixel sensor. The LPI-G-Advanced camera offers a wider dynamic range and a 6.3 MP sensor. The reasonably-priced standard version is very well suited for beginners who want to gain initial experience. The advanced models go beyond that, and enable the intensive and long-term pursuit of planetary photography.

Meade SkyCapture

Meade SkyCapture

Meade's cameras are controlled using SkyCapture software. The programme runs on all common operating systems (Windows, Mac, Linux), is quick to install and intuitive to use. In addition to imaging, it includes basic image processing functions for both planetary and deep sky photography.

SkyCapture's integrated ASCOM interface also allows third-party software to be used with the cameras, such as Maxim DL, FireCapture, SharpCap and PHD-Guiding.


LPI-G Advanced