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Special paint to eliminate reflections in optical devices.

Noctutec’s SL-94 anti-reflex coating eliminates up to 99.3% of side light at an angle of 60°. At 20° it eliminates up to 99.9% of side light! The solvent-based paint is offered in smooth and rough versions, so that the right paint is available for every type of application.

The paints have been specially developed to adhere to almost all surfaces found in the field of technical optics, but especially to metal and glass. It is quick drying and highly adhesive.

A tip for best results.

The best result is obtained by using SL-94 rau (raw) as a base and apply a thin layer of SL-94 (glatt) smooth on top of it.

This photo shows a plate painted in this way, which was photographed at an extremely flat angle directly against a cold white neon tube (exposure time 1/50 s at ISO 200).

A tip for best results.