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Modern complete package with CMOS camera and plenty of accessories.

Cameras from Explore Scientific’s Deep Sky Astro series offer a complete package for the convenient creation of astronomical photographs and videos: easy-to-use cameras with CMOS sensors to photograph galaxies and star clusters, but also for the Moon and planets. The colour cameras with active cooling offer high resolution and low sensor noise.

Included in the extensive accessories are a hard-shell case, 2" connector, power supply, USB cable and, most importantly, the EXPLORE Capture editing software.

EXPLORE Capture Software

The EXPLORE Capture Software offers not just the basic functions required for image and video capture, but also many extra helpful functions for editing images and for setting up the camera: live image display, exposure settings, white balance settings, dark frame subtraction, stacking, time-lapse images and many other features can be individually configured.

Thanks to this sophisticated software, the Explore Scientific cameras are also perfect for beginners!