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Omegon Filters UHC Filter, 1.25“

Product no.: 15626
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Filters UHC Filter, 1.25“
Omegon Filters UHC Filter, 1.25“
Omegon Filters UHC Filter, 1.25“
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Product description:

Price increase on 1 October 2022: unfortunately, owing to changes in the USD/EUR exchange rate, we need to adjust the price of this item. You can still place orders until 30 September 2022 at the old price!

The way an UHC filter works is very simple. It filters out the brightening of the sky due to artificial light. As many celestial objects, such as nebulae, radiate at other wavelengths, a considerable increase in contrast can be achieved by this. The background sky appears darker and, all at once, faint details become visible. Observing first without and then with a UHC filter makes the presence of an object very obvious.

The use of an UHC filter is not only useful at light-polluted sites; the contrast is also increased at dark sky sites. Many objects only first become visible at all when using an UHC filter. But also, highlights such as the Orion, Lagoon or Swan nebulae, show a whole new side to them.

An Omegon UHC filter is one of the most useful accessories you can have and no eyepiece case should be without it. The Omegon UHC filter can be used with all 1.25” eyepieces.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • nebula filter for increasing contrast
  • also suitable for use with smaller telescopes
  • can be used at both light-polluted and dark sky sites
  • 1.25“ filter thread
  • blocks the light from mercury and sodium-vapour lamps

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