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1.25'' filter wheel

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Product description

Omegon 1.25" Filter Wheel - change your filter in seconds

This 1.25" filter wheel lets you use up to 9 different filters and change them within a couple of seconds -your filters are always remain ready to use, whether for photography or visual observing. Use the filter wheel with UHC, OII, CLS and other filters, for example - this will let you quickly and easily find the best filter when visually observing.

Space for up to 9 filters - which are also well protected

Open the filter wheel and screw up to 9 different filters into it. These can be RGB and luminance filters for astrophotography or wide-band and narrow-band filters for visual observing. You can also leave the filters mounted in the filter wheel, where they are optimally protected from dust and damage.

Simply rotate to change filter

Imagine you have a camera mounted on your telescope and have to switch between different filters as quickly as possible. This is only possible using a filter wheel. The handy rotary wheel offers you incredibly fast switching between up to 9 different filters. Each filter position is designated by a number, so you know which filter is currently in the beam path.

T-2 connector on both sides

The telescope side of the filter wheel comes supplied with a 1.25" adapter, allowing you to quickly and easily attach it to your focuser. The filter wheel also has a T-2 thread on the telescope side for other adapters. On the accessory side, you will also find a T-2 thread. You can connect your camera or eyepiece connector here.

Protected against stray light

The filter wheel interior is absolutely light-tight - allowing you to image without any reflections or stray light

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • filter wheel with space for up to nine 1.25" filters
  • once mounted, filters can be changed in just seconds
  • takes any standard 1.25" filter
  • filter positions indicated by the numbers 1-9
  • telescope-side T-2 and 1.25" connector
  • accessory-side T-2 thread



Connection (to the telescope)
1,25 Zoll (1,25")
Max. number of filter slots (piece)
Adjusting wheel with click-stop
Camera adaptor
Filter slot




Weight (g)
Width (mm)
Diameter (mm)
Type of build
Filter wheel

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Omegon 1.25'' filter wheel
Omegon 1.25'' filter wheel

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