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Mini Mineral-set

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An exploration of the world of crystals - 6 large minerals in a set

- wonderful for collecting, to admire or as a gift.

With this set of six different minerals one might think that nature had composed a poem - in the form of stones. Each mineral has its own colour and its own structure. But only if you look closer with a microscope you will discover incredible detail.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • 6 crystals between 15g and 38g in weight, approximately 2cm in size
  • quartz (rock crystal), calcite, amethyst, labradorite, aragonite and iron pyrites ('fool's gold')
  • optimal for examining under a stereomicroscope
  • also for children to wonder at and to discover the world
  • in an attractive gift box with six drawers

This set of minerals is something for nature lovers and hobbyists. The stones show you something that has been created over millions of years.

Each stone up to 2cm in size

The minerals can be found in their raw, unpolished forms - just like they can be found in nature, high up in the mountains. The stones usually have a weight of around 15-28 grams and a size of about 2cm. But since they are natural products, they may vary slightly in size and weight.

With the microscope - like viewing a mountain range from close above

They are pretty in a showcase, but only first under a stereoscopic microscope are we surprised. For example, something in a quartz vein running through a mountain range which looks like gold but is actually iron pyrites. Or what about labradorite, with all its inclusions and the colours it displays under the microscope? High magnification under a microscope will also reveal numerous crystalline structures.

The perfect gift for any mineral collector

Still looking for a small gift for a casual or serious mineral collector? Then grab this beautiful set. Perhaps it has something that he or she has always wanted.

Many children delight in minerals, because they are not like ordinary stones but shine a thousand different ways in the light.

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Omegon Mini Mineral-set
Omegon Mini Mineral-set

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