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BioMon: fun with biology at school or at work

It’s clearly important to you to be able to see Paramecium and cell structures in all their facets. And that you or your students can present this world exactly. The BioMon microscope offers a good lens, a precision-made mechanism, a large specimen and cross table and enables crisp images up to 1000x magnification. With this you can not only see this world of tiny things, but also immerse yourself in it.

The features at a glance:

  • High-quality microscope for biology lessons in schools, for students, for professional and hobby microscopists
  • Large coaxial cross table: plenty of space and a cross table with scroll wheel for fine movement in all directions, in order to easily examine your specimen
  • Abbe condenser: for even illumination of your specimen and ultra-strong contrast, so that you can find and even better recognise fine details
  • 360� eyepiece tube: observe together, with the silky-smooth rotating eyepiece tube two people can observe together, without having to continually change places
  • LED illumination: bright illumination with adjustable brightness

Experiencing biology made easy

With this microscope you have access to microscopy, as if you were already a professional. Because it has many of the features that you also find in expensive professional devices. You can experience the cell walls and sap vessels of a stem of rhubarb, or even see red blood cells. Everything is amazingly sharp and so detailed, that it could become addictive.

360� rotatable eyepiece tube

Observe alone or as a pair: two can have fun with this microscope. Since the eyepiece tube is fully rotatable, you do not even need to change your seat in order to observe comfortably.

Cross table with fine adjustment

With cheap microscopes you must centre your specimen on the object table yourself. You don’t need to worry about this with the BioMon. Simply put the specimen slide on the spacious object table in the tension spring. Your specimen will be automatically correctly centred.

The coaxial fine adjustment enables you to precisely examine your specimen even at high magnification. Imagine that you are floating over a huge surface and require no effort to move in any direction. That is just how it feels when you analyse your sample using the fine adjustment. Nimble and fascinating. Simply great: you navigate with just one hand in all directions, without having to look away.

Abbe condenser: with professional technology

Now we get down to business: professional microscopes are inconceivable without an Abbe condenser. And here, too, you use this clever technology. This optical component under the cross table ensures a uniform illumination of the specimen.

But even more is possible: using a lifting platform you can adjust the position of the Abbe condenser and achieve depths of contrast that you have never seen before. An additional filter holder can further increase the contrast. Discovering the right details is simply an interplay between the condenser and the light. A built-in aperture mechanism additionally enables changes in contrast.

LED light: for bright illumination

For best performance this microscope has dimmable and bright LED illumination. Because only with light can you present your specimen at its best. With the delicate scroll-wheel adjustment you can set the exact amount of light you need.

Magnification up to 1000x with oil immersion

40x, 100x, 400x or even 1000x: The objective turret smoothly locks into the desired position when you select your magnification.

With coarse and additional fine adjustment you can bring your specimen precisely into focus. This is practical and pleasant: if you change the lens, you barely need to refocus. Even at 1000x magnification you can enjoy a crisp and bright image. The oil immersion objective lens directs light rays into the right channels and you can see profound details.

The first time you observe using a BioMon microscope, it is like upgrading your squeaky folding bicycle for an e-Bike. Whatever happens, you’ll be wide-eyed with surprise.

Tekniska data


Transmitterat ljus
1000x mit Ölimmersion
4, 10, 40, 100
Optiskt system
DIN (160mm)


230 V mit Netzkabel


Inblick (°)
Vinklad 45°, huvud vridbart 360°
Grov- och fininställning
Typ av byggnad

Särskilda egenskaper



Lämplig från
Längd (mm)
Bredd (mm)
Höjd (mm)
Vikt (g)

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Omegon objektglas 26x76 mm, slipade kanter, 50 st

$ 8,90*
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Omegon Rengöringssats för optik 7 i 1

$ 19,90*

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Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED
Omegon mikroskop BioMon, 40x-1000x, LED

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