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Omegon AZ Deluxe - the all-round mount for your telescope

The Skywatcher AZ Deluxe mount lets you observe intuitively. Once you have mounted a telescope or spotting scope, you can use the mount to easily move it in any direction. The double-sided mount even lets you attach up to two instruments at the same time. This altazimuth mount can be moved up, down, left or right using only light pressure. This makes it great for those who like to spend their time observing outside in the countryside.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • can mount two telescopes simultaneously per GP telescope clamp
  • graduated scale in azimuth
  • stable base - extendable stainless steel tripod
  • adjustable friction control
  • very smooth operation - ideal for high magnifications

Two telescopes pointing at the same object

Why use only one telescope when you can enjoy observing with two? Put a refractor on the right side, for example, and a reflecting telescope on the left. Compare the objects in your telescopes or observe simultaneously with your friends or family. You will find it difficult to tear yourself away from the eyepiece!

Flexible and portable

The AZ Deluxe mount is extremely flexible as it can be disassembled into two sections. The mount itself is not even 23cm long and can hence be transported in even the smallest car.

Easy movement in all directions

Perfect operation is an absolutely must when you are under the night sky. Unlock the axes and directly follow objects by tracking them effortlessly with your telescope. The Skywatcher AZ mount obeys your every wish thanks to precision-machined bearings. Even at high magnifications it holds objects precisely in the field of view.

GP clamps - the standard for all telescopes

This mount uses GP clamps to let you easily choose your current and future telescopes. Many telescopes are now being produced with appropriate GP prism rails, which let you attach the telescope of your choice in just seconds.

Adjustable friction

By tightening the clamps, you choose how easy or difficult it is to move the telescope around. This lets you set up the resistance of the mount to your own requirements.

Aluminium screws - easy on your telescope

The aluminium clamping and friction screws have a high-grip profile, making them easy to use even with gloves on.

The locking screws are plastic-faced for protection. The prism rails no longer become notched and damaged by frequent assembly, but remain in pristine condition.

Graduated azimuth scale

Nature-watchers also benefit from having a graduated scale in the horizontal.

Stainless steel tripod

A stainless steel tripod with three 45mm legs provides a stable base. Even with telescope loads of up to 10kg, the whole mount remains completely vibration-free. A built-in metal spreader plate means even better stabilization and is very practical, also serving as a repository for 1.25" and 2" eyepieces.

Tekniska data


Max belastning (kg)
Vikt (g)
3400 (Montering)

Särskilda egenskaper

Anslutning för prismaskena




Max stativhöjd (cm)
Min stativhöjd (cm)
Stativets material
Rostfritt stål


Typ av byggnad
Omegon AZ-Deluxe-montering
Omegon AZ-Deluxe-montering
Omegon AZ-Deluxe-montering
Omegon AZ-Deluxe-montering

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