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Omegon Microspeed Guidescope 50mm

Nr. do produto: 49755
Fabricante: Omegon

$ 129,00

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360 degree Omegon Microspeed Guidescope 50mm
Omegon Microspeed Guidescope 50mm
Omegon Microspeed Guidescope 50mm
Omegon Microspeed Guidescope 50mm
Omegon Microspeed Guidescope 50mm
Descrição do produto
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Descrição do produto:

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Guiding with the Mini Guide Scope - makes astrophotography easier and needs less equipment

This small guide scope takes does the job of a 'classic' guide scope - but it is lighter and much easier to use! Previously, long and unwieldy guide scopes were used to locate a guide star. But this is no longer necessary! The sensitivity of modern astronomy cameras makes this possible. You simply attach the mini guide scope onto your telescope like a finder.

Or you can use it as a convenient, large finder scope and spend less time locating objects when visually observing.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • mini guide scope for rapidly locating astronomical objects and guide stars
  • designed for both visual and photographic use
  • use any 1.25 inch eyepiece from your collection
  • worm-gear focuser for rapid focusing. - prevents the rotation of camera and eyepiece.

What is special about our new Omegon guide scope?

It has a built-in worm-gear focuser with 10mm displacement, allowing very precise focus adjustment. The mechanism has a fixed orientation - so there is no rotation of mounted cameras or eyepieces - or also the field of view with your guide star - when focusing.

The robust metal housing is made of black, anodized aluminium

It not only looks solid, but is very sturdy. A milled and knurled focusing ring allows straightforward and precise fine focusing. It comes with matching tube clamps and a Synta-style mounting plate to make assembly and disassembly as simple as possible.

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