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( 3.5 / 5 )
Product no.: 49755

Microspeed guidescope, 50mm

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Product description

Guiding with the Mini Guide Scope - makes astrophotography easier and needs less equipment

This small guide scope takes does the job of a 'classic' guide scope - but it is lighter and much easier to use! Previously, long and unwieldy guide scopes were used to locate a guide star. But this is no longer necessary! The sensitivity of modern astronomy cameras makes this possible. You simply attach the mini guide scope onto your telescope like a finder.

Or you can use it as a convenient, large finder scope and spend less time locating objects when visually observing.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • mini guide scope for rapidly locating astronomical objects and guide stars
  • designed for both visual and photographic use
  • use any 1.25 inch eyepiece from your collection
  • worm-gear focuser for rapid focusing. - prevents the rotation of camera and eyepiece.

What is special about our new Omegon guide scope?

It has a built-in worm-gear focuser with 10mm displacement, allowing very precise focus adjustment. The mechanism has a fixed orientation - so there is no rotation of mounted cameras or eyepieces - or also the field of view with your guide star - when focusing.

The robust metal housing is made of black, anodized aluminium

It not only looks solid, but is very sturdy. A milled and knurled focusing ring allows straightforward and precise fine focusing. It comes with matching tube clamps and a Synta-style mounting plate to make assembly and disassembly as simple as possible.

Also available as a set:

Omegon Kamera Easy Autoguiding-Set50

Our expert comment:

Our experiences in the extensive practical test Standalone autoguider: the easy route to good astronomy photos?



Connection ( to eyepiece)
Aperture ratio (f/)
Focal length (mm)
Coating of optical system
Lens diameter (mm)

Special features

Fine adjustment
Ring clamp


Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Type of build
Omegon Microspeed guidescope, 50mm
Omegon Microspeed guidescope, 50mm
Omegon Microspeed guidescope, 50mm
Omegon Microspeed guidescope, 50mm

Customer reviews

Review by anonymous on 12.06.2015 12:38:55

( 4 / 5 )

The good point of this guidescope is the wide aperture f3,2, which helps to find even a faint star in the field of view. The drawback is the short focal length of only 160mm which may not be the best choice for guiding telescopes with a focal length longer than 750mm. I also tried to use it for imaging but, as you can expect, the chromatic aberration is noticeable and the stars are pinpoint-shaped only in the center of the field of view. It is supplied with rings and non-rotating focuser, which it's a good value for the price

It works

Review by S. A. on 05.03.2021 22:13:08

( 3 / 5 )

I've used this a few times now and I've gotten pretty good guiding with it even though the stars look a bit strange. They get kind of a halo/coma around them which makes it a bit bothersome to focus the scope. I've experienced both sub-arcsecond and over 2 arcsecond results so I believe it's capable of good guiding but I know when I get those worse values I'm wondering if I should have gone for a better quality scope because it's just another factor that I have to consider in searching for issues.

Basically you get what you pay for.

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