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Omegon Banco de observação

Nr. do produto: 49750
Fabricante: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Banco de observação
Omegon Banco de observação
Omegon Banco de observação
Omegon Banco de observação
Descrição do produto
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Descrição do produto:

Infelizmente, a descrição deste produto ainda não está em Portuguê portanto, você encontrará uma descrição em Inglês do produto aqui.

Omegon observing chair - relaxed observing and better viewing

A chair for your astronomical observing? - this is a lot more important than you may think, as it allows you to observe while remaining completely relaxed. It has been demonstrated that nothing disturbs your observing as much as a cramped posture at the telescope.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • height adjustable - seat height can be set between 30cm and 87cm
  • ideal for Dobsonian, refractor, Maksutov and SC telescopes
  • relaxed posture - a 50mm thick seat cushion plus metal backrest
  • sturdy metal construction - for feeling secure when observing
  • easy transport - collapsible and lightweight

Crouching on your knees in the dark on freezing ground and straining to look into the telescope's eyepiece - many hobby astronomers are all too familiar with this scenario. But now the Omegon observing chair means this is, finally, a thing of the past.

Observing while sitting?

For many telescopes this is the optimal observing position. Nearly all small to medium-sized Dobsonian telescopes are included in this. Likewise most refractors - whose eyepiece is situated not at the top but at the lower end of the telescope.

Comfortable padded seat for extended observing sessions

On the comfortably soft seat cushion, you may not feel exactly like you are at home on the couch, but it still allows you to spend long periods at the telescope without discomfort. The generous 35x25cm seating area and 5cm thick padding makes it ideal for those long astronomy evenings.

Adjustable via a handle

Whether you are using a refractor or a Dobsonian telescope, you can individually adjust the seating height - with a handle and without tools!

Just take your seat 'in the first row' for guest appearances of Jupiter and Co.


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