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Omegon Pro OM12 tripod ball head

Product no.: 62892
Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon Pro OM12 tripod ball head
Omegon Pro OM12 tripod ball head
Omegon Pro OM12 tripod ball head
Omegon Pro OM12 tripod ball head
Omegon Pro OM12 tripod ball head
Omegon Pro OM12 tripod ball head
Omegon Pro OM12 tripod ball head
Product description
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Product description:

Freedom in fluid movement
Quickly move the camera or spotting scope from one place to another. That is not so easy on a tripod. What if the bird on the branch immediately takes flight again? After a long wait and endless patience, not getting the shot can be disappointing. The OM12 ball head allows you to move reliably, smoothly and quickly. But it is not just a simple tripod head; you can convert it to get the observations and photos you want.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Aluminium ball head - an inexpensive professional ball head for sturdily mounted cameras and binoculars up to 6.5kg
  • Arca Swiss profile and quick release changing plate fits all Arca Swiss heads - simply mount the ball head on any 3/8" tripod.
  • Bubble level and scales enable you to take panoramic and 360° photos
  • Simple conversion - use the base plate also on a prism rail, for example, for astrophotography
  • Smooth operation - the ball moves smoothly and evenly without jerking
  • Steplessly adjustable friction designed to take the best photos and simply have fun observing

Fluid movement and stepless friction
A ball head that moves smoothly and fluidly is a pleasure to operate. Being able to point the camera quickly to an object is precisely what we want. Its exceptionally smooth motion makes it easy to move quickly and freely.
Depending on your preference, however, you can also adjust the friction steplessly, making your ball head act like a friction clutch that you simply adjust as required.

Bubble level and panorama scale
Do you also love perfect photos? How about impressive panoramic shots? This is made possible with:

  • A bubble level and 360° azimuth scale
  • A head scale

For perfectly aligned photos or the right balance for your camera, helping you take professional shots.

Converting for multiple purposes
This ball head can be converted. Simply remove the mounting profile and fix it to a prism rail, for example. In no time at all, your tripod head becomes a camera mount for telescopes, astrophotography or other special purposes. For this purpose, the profile comes with a 3/8" thread in the middle and 2 holes for M5 screws on the sides.

  • 3/8" thread
  • M5 holes at 41mm spacing

Additional details:

  • Anodised aluminium ball head
  • Azimuth can be fastened with a screw
  • Tilt range -95 to +40 degrees
  • Mounting plate: 50x38mm Arca Swiss rail
  • Padded bag with zip - 1/4" to 3/8" adapter (inside 1/4", outside 3/8")

The OM12 ball head comes with a nylon carrying bag

Simply reposition your ball head and place the Acra Swiss-Profile on a dovetail bar. This creates new opportunities for exceptional photos.


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