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guide scope mount

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Product description

The Omegon guide scope mount - the convenient way to mount your guide scope

The Omegon guide scope mount provides a way of quickly and easily mounting your guide scope onto your main telescope. Simply attach this compact component to the piggyback mount of your telescope and you have a parallel mounting for your guide scope. Not only that, but it lets you finely adjust the small second telescope in altitude and azimuth.


Have you ever wanted to be able to mount the guide scope onto another telescope without the bother of having to adjust a lot of screws? This becomes easily feasible if all your telescopes have a standard piggyback mount for cameras.

This mount is also highly suitable for travel use, as you can simply attach the mount onto a tripod.

Classic GP receiver

It is just as easy to locate a suitable guide star as when using guide scope rings. The guide scope mount has a ¼" thread for mounting on the telescope. There is accommodation for a GP / Vixen / EQ-5 prism on the top of the unit. A thumb screw on the side lets you easily attach an OTA of up to about 1.5kg in weight.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • precision fine adjustment in height and width
  • the fine adjustment is also easy to operate in the dark
  • a practical replacement for guide scope rings for compact guide scopes
  • 1/4'' thread for connecting to the telescope
  • GP receiver for the guide scope or a second telescope
  • also suitable as a compact travel mount



↔ +/- 12° ↕ +/- 8,5°
Load capacity (kg)


Levelling screws
Tripod <p>
without tripod


Weight (g)
Overall size LxWxH (cm)
Type of build
Omegon guide scope mount
The guide scope mounting can be adjusted laterally and vertically, letting you easily locate a suitable guide star.

Omegon guide scope mount
A GP mount provides a place for all small telescopes with a GP prism rail.

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