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Glossary | Spotting scopes | General | Series | Mini

Small size, tremendous performance. Vibrant diversity, unbelievably close.


Years of experience in the construction of pull-out spotting scopes pays off when it comes to the design of top products. The Minis have their place as world leader, and prove this time and time again.

When absolute certainty is required, binoculars quickly reach their limits. More is expected from today’s hunter than just shooting alone. He preserves and maintains livestock in a forest-friendly way, and operates with an ecologically sound regard to the future.

The mini-spotting scopes are just about indispensable for the duties of a modern hunter. The lenses’ low weight and the compact design make your spotting scope a constant companion, especially when you are constantly on the move. The objective lenses achieve better transmission with our Ceralin Plus full coating.