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Series by brand:


  • Condor
    Condor spotting scopes offer good quality at a reasonable price.
  • Dachstein ED
    Dachstein ED spotting scopes are Bresser’s top-of-the-range models.
  • Pirsch
    Pirsch spotting scopes offer high magnifications at an attractive price.
  • Spektar
    The Spektar range is compact and is quickly focused.
  • Travel
    Small, light and inexpensive: that sums up Bresser’s travel spotting scopes.


  • Elite
    Enjoy the view through Bushnell's pinnacle of optical engineering.
  • Legend Ultra HD
    Seeing with extraordinary precision.
  • NatureView
    Flexibility combined with the greatest perfection.
  • Sentry
    Because for big adventures, travelling light is usually an advantage.
  • Trophy Xtreme
    Robust, bright, clear, and born to hunt.


  • C5
    Spotting scope in Schmidt Cassegrain design.
  • Hummingbird ED
    Small spotting scopes with incredible performance!
  • Mak
    Redefines portability and versatility.
  • Regal M2
    Deliver the sharpest images possible.
  • TrailSeeker
    The outdoor spotting scope.
  • Ultima
    Robust spotting scopes for every purpose.


  • Milspec
    Tactical spotting scope with a mil-dot reticle.
  • Pirschler
    All-rounder spotting scopes offering wonderful value for money.


  • Trophy
    Eschenbach's Trophy spotting scopes are perfect for nature watching.
  • Vektor
    The Eschenbach Vector series has a flexible viewing angle.



  • TSN-550
    More compact Kowa spotting scopes with 55mm lens made of pure fluorite crystal.
  • TSN-600
    The Kowa TSN-600 spotting scope is distinguished by a combination of very low weight and first-class optical quality.
  • TSN-660
    The Kowa TSN-660 series combines compactness with high levels of optical performance.
  • TSN-770
    TSN-770 spotting scopes offer a 77mm objective lens in a compact body.
  • TSN-880
    The top-of-the-range models in the TSN-880 series have an 88mm objective lens made of fluorite crystal.


  • APO-Televid
    The high-performance spotting scopes for professionals.


  • Wilderness
    Wilderness Spotting Scopes: Quality optics and a rugged design for the outdoors.


  • MeoStar
    Offers enhanced contrast and vivid colour fidelity.
  • TGA
    The TGA collapsible spotting scope is the classic for when you’re on the move.


  • MD
    The distance brought up close!
  • MD 60
    Even more flexibility and mobility.
  • MD 80
    Spotting scope technology redefined!
  • MD ED
    Compactness, quality and precision.


  • ED 50
    Small and compact.
  • EDG
    Defines the way you see nature with an impressive dimension in edge-to-edge sharpness and outstanding colour fidelity.
  • Prostaff 3
    Compact design and reliable performance.
  • Prostaff 5
    Brighter viewing in a slim design.


  • ED
    The Omegon ED spotting scopes offer brilliant images, high-quality eyepieces, and are comfortable to use.
  • Zoom
    Zoom are spotting scopes for beginners at affordable prices.


  • Compact G
    Compact design for a wide viewing experience.
  • Compact S
    Compact design for a wide viewing experience.
  • Mini
    Small size, tremendous performance. Vibrant diversity, unbelievably close.
  • TBG
    Flexible light giants with straight view.
  • TBS
    Flexible light giants with angled view.


  • PF ED
    High-end spotting scope for terrestrial and astronomical observations.
  • PR ED
    Weather-resistant outdoor companion with an unconventional look.


  • ATS
    The angled view ensures comfortable viewing.
  • ATX
    Combines exceptionally flexible modularity with optical perfection. Spotting scope with angled view and interchangeable objective lens modules.
  • BTX
    Unique with two eyepieces.
  • CTC
    Simply a classic.
  • CTS
    Fast, stable, versatile.
  • STR
    Be certain to make out every detail.
  • STS
    The advantage of the straight view: quickly find moving objects.
  • STX
    Combines exceptionally flexible modularity with optical perfection. Spotting scope with straight view and interchangeable objective lens modules.
  • VPA
    The variable phone adapter makes digiscoping with a smartphone possible!




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