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Product no.: 44696

2'' SC Hybrid Crayford focuser, dual speed

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  • Very high load capacity
  • Stable focuser, 360° rotatable
  • Easily fitted

Product description

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Omegon Crayford focuser for Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes -for better astrophotography

Achieving precise focus in astrophotography is half the battle. This is not an easy task however, especially with Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes. The reason here is that the primary mirror of SC telescopes wobbles back and forth slightly during the focusing procedure. This 'mirror shift' is one hassle that you can easily avoid by using the new Omegon Crayford focuser. This SC focuser lets you focus completely accurately, helping you rapidly and easily locate the precise point of focus.

Simply screw on and get started

The Omegon SC Crayford focuser is simplicity itself to use. Its telescope-side thread fits directly onto the standard SC thread on your Schmidt-Cassegrain telescope. In 2 minutes everything is screwed on and you can get started. Coarse focusing is done using the main mirror focusing knob, but the final precise focusing is done using the new focuser.

An improved Crayford focuser

'Bearing Type' is the name of the new improved Crayford design. A 'normal' Crayford focuser already has the advantage of play-free focusing. The secret of this Omegon focuser is its roller ball bearings: 8 over-size rollers keep the focuser's tube firmly in place. The tube slides silkily smoothly into any desired position. The addition of a rack-and-pinion makes the hold the focuser tube securely in position - the tube does not simply slide through as is the case with 'normal' Crayford focusers.

Extremely sensitive focusing via a 1:10 reduction gear

The rubber-reinforced and lightly grooved focus wheels let you focus precisely. The multiple ball bearings used to hold the inner tube make this precision focusing possible. Focusing becomes even more precise with the 1:10 reduction gearing. This even lets you focus precisely at high magnifications, for example when using the live image on your laptop screen.

High load capacity of up to 8 kg

SLR cameras, large CCD cameras, off-axis guiders and large 2 inch eyepieces - what do these accessories all have in common? They are often heavy, especially when used in combination. The Omegon Crayford focuser has therefore been designed with a particularly high load capacity and can take accessory loads of up to 8kg in weight. So simply attach your accessories, whether light or heavy, and don't worry about them staying put - just concentrate on enjoying your astronomy!

Locks in place for astrophotography

A locking screw lets you fix the point of focus for astrophotography. The focusing mechanism is isolated, which means you can't accidentally alter the focus. This is another advantage of this focuser as compared to a 'normal' Crayford type - and the locking screw not only isolates the mechanics but does not clamp onto the inner tube. This means that the focuser always remains centred and the inner focuser tube cannot be pushed off its axis.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • Crayford focuser for SCs
  • suitable for all Schmidt-Cassegrain telescopes



Connection ( to eyepiece)
1,25" - 2"
Load capacity (kg)
8 (Fixed, vertical)
Gear reduction
Appropriate for...
Connection (to the telescope)
SC thread
Draw Tube Travel (mm)
Optical length (mm)


Ring clamp


Length (mm)
Weight (g)
Diameter (mm)
Type of build
Omegon 2'' SC Hybrid Crayford focuser, dual speed
Omegon 2'' SC Hybrid Crayford focuser, dual speed
Omegon 2'' SC Hybrid Crayford focuser, dual speed
Omegon 2'' SC Hybrid Crayford focuser, dual speed
Omegon 2'' SC Hybrid Crayford focuser, dual speed

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