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Syncfocus flip-mirror (for planetary cameras)

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Product description

The flip-mirror for compact objects - for easily locating and centring every planet

A real challenge in planetary photography is locating the planet and centring it in the camera's field of view. This is where the Omegon Syncfoc flip-mirror comes in. It allows you to centre the Moon, planet or deep sky object reliably, quickly and much more easily.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • compact flip-mirror with a 17mm mirror, especially for planetary photography
  • perfectly centred objects - both in the eyepiece and on your camera chip
  • parfocal - focuses the object sharply both on the camera and eyepiece
  • 1.25" and T2 connector on the camera side
  • the flip-mirror is a lightweight at only 170g. Also suitable for small telescopes.

An astronomical camera does not have a viewfinder. When struggling to find an object you can really work up a sweat, even if it's freezing outside. First you have to gently remove the eyepiece without jogging the camera. Now where is the focus? Carefully focus and hope that the planet is still sitting in the centre of the field of view. The Syncfok flip-mirror dispenses with all this fuss.

Flip to see everything

You do not need to swap between the eyepiece and camera - you can have them both mounted at the same time. Use the knob on the side to quickly switch between camera and eyepiece. That allows you to check the subject at any time, making astrophotography so much easier.

Both the eyepiece and camera are focused at the same time

The focus positions of the eyepiece and camera are different. But a metal focus ring adjusts the eyepiece focus, so you get the correct sharpness for both. In future you will never need to ask yourself whether the planet or the deep sky object is in the field of view. You will now have full control.

Full illumination for planetary cameras

The built-in mirror illuminates camera chips with a chip diagonal of up to 23mm. This is more than sufficient for most planetary cameras.

The right connection for your camera

Whether a 1.25" or a T-2 thread - the flip-mirror has both connections on the camera side. Simply unscrew the 1.25" adapter and the T-2 thread then becomes available. A lock screw keeps your camera secure. The 1.25" to T-2 inside adapter can also be connected to other accessories.

So light that your telescope hardly notices

At 170 grams, the Omegon Syncfoc is a real lightweight. Saving weight is always an advantage in astrophotography, as many want to use a small telescope or travel mount on their astronomy holiday - so this flip-mirror is only as heavy as absolutely necessary.

Please note - Flip-mirrors are not suitable for use with Newtonian telescopes, as the focal point can no longer be reached. Their use on refractors or catadioptric systems - SCs, ACFs, Maksutovs - is no problem however.



Connector (at camera end)
Connection (to the telescope)
Optical length (mm)
Connector (other end)


Type of build
Camera adaptor
Overall size LxWxH (mm)
Omegon Syncfocus flip-mirror (for planetary cameras)
Use the flip-mirror to quickly switch between the camera and the eyepiece - locating and centring planets much more quickly and easily.

Customer reviews

Can´t center both views at the same

Review by S. G. on 19.10.2022 20:55:03

( 3 / 5 )

I can adjust easily to focus on two sides(this part works well), but then the center of the image is not the same, so , when I get a planet in the flip mirror on the center of the screen , in the camera is in one side.

I have seen two small holes with screws in both sides(maybe to collimate) but I dont know about it.

Can you teach me how to adjust the images?

Maybe is defective?

Response on this review by our expert Carlos Malagon

on 20.10.2022 09:37:54

Dear customer,
The recommended centring eyepiece should have x40-x60 in magnification. Finer adjustment should be made. Please contact us via email to assist you with the product warranty.
Kindest regards,

Team astroshop

mirror not aligned

Review by e. d. on 19.03.2023 13:27:51

( 2 / 5 )

Object centered on one side, slightly out of center on the other side with no possibility of adjustement. not really good.

Omegon syncfocus flip mirror

Review by S. g. on 15.01.2021 19:12:33

( 1 / 5 )

Not suitable for imaging planets, almost impossible to center planets in the mirror, better buying a flip mirror that is adjustable. Clear skies!

Response on this review by our expert Ulrich Zehndbauer

on 18.01.2021 13:26:06

Dear customer,
the product may be defective, since we never heard about such problems before. Please contact our customer service for an exchange of the item.
Team Astroshop

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