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StereoView, 80X LED microscope, with fossil set

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Product description

In addition to a stereomicroscope, this set contains a beautiful, children-friendly book on fossils (in German), a fossil set and a Petri dish to place the object in that is to be examined on the stage.

Omegon StereoView stereo microscope - explore the natural world the easy way

The Omegon StereoView binocular microscope starts you on a journey of discovery through nature. One often has no idea at all what this normally invisible world has in store - the world of the microcosm. Explore the fine structure of leaves, examine insects close up. Or marvel at cube-shaped mineral crystals, whose beauty can only really be seen under the microscope.

All this is quite easy - simply put a specimen under the microscope and examine it. This makes the stereo microscope suitable for both interested adults and children.

Observe everything using both eyes

Perhaps you have not had much previous experience with using a microscope? That's fine - the Omegon StereoView is perfect for you, as all you have to do is simply place an object on the stage. The great thing is that you observe very naturally, using both eyes. You get the benefit of a real 3D effect - your view gains depth.

For bright illumination - incident, transmitted and combination lighting

The Omegon StereoView uses reflected or transmitted illumination, or even both at the same time, built-in. The LED lighting is extremely energy efficient and is super bright, and you can optimally adjust the brightness level for each specimen.

Magnification from 20-80X

Stereo microscopes usually only offer lower magnifications, but this microscope will give you up to 80X magnification in order to be able to observe biological prepared slides such as onion skin cells or muscle fibres. You can examine freshwater polyps (Hydra) in a Petri dish and a whole range of other organisms. You have an incredible range of possibilities.

Dual power supply - ideal for travelling

This microscope can be powered via a mains adapter or using three standard AA batteries. This gives you maximum flexibility - whether you are at home or out on an expedition in the countryside.

For researchers of all ages - for beginners and experts

Whether child or adult, beginner or professional - the Omegon StereoView is a microscope for everyone as it is so easy to handle.

Nature is waiting out there to be discovered by you - you just have to take the first step.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • relaxed observing using both eyes
  • 20-80X magnification
  • simply place a specimen under the microscope and examine it
  • no preparations or thin sections necessary
  • comes with two pairs of eyepieces included
  • 3 different lighting levels
  • long-lived and super-bright LED illumination
  • power supply via mains adapter or batteries



Incident light and transmitted light
Lamp type
LED (adjustable)
20,40,80 (20, 40, 80)
Image scale
2, 4
10, 20 (Wide-angle eyepiece)
Power supply
Power plug


Type of build
Viewing posture (°)
45° angled eyepiece, 360° rotatable
Coarse movement
Specimen stage
Stage plate (interchangeable, black/white or frosted glass/opaque)

Special features

Built-in digital camera
Centering stage
Dust cover bag
Filter holder
Luminous field diaphragm
Rechargeable battery operation


Suitable from
Length (mm)
Width (mm)
Height (mm)
Weight (g)

Suitable for


Field of application

Hobby & Amateurs

Area of application

Phase contrast
Dark field
Interference contrast

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Omegon StereoView, 80X LED microscope, with fossil set
High quality stereo microscope with incident and transmitted lighting

Omegon StereoView, 80X LED microscope, with fossil set
Dorling Kindersley memo Fossilien
Omegon StereoView, 80X LED microscope, with fossil set
Omegon mini fossil set
Omegon StereoView, 80X LED microscope, with fossil set
100mm glass Petri dish with lid

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