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Prepared slide set, 40 slides in a wooden box

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Product description

This 40 piece prepared slide set is the perfect choice for the advanced microscope user:

It is not only the broad selection of 40 prepared slides, selected from the realms of animals and plants and human beings, but also the opportunity of working with whole specimens, cross sections and longitudinal sections that make this set so appealing! There are an additional 10 slots available in the well protected wooden presentation box for storing your own specimens. The set is also attractive due to its very modest price.

1) Peniciliium (mould) W.S.
2) Closterium (algae) W.S.
3) fern leaf Sec.
4) pine needle T.S.
5) maize stem T.S.
6) maize stem L.S.
7) Helianthus (Topinambur) stem T.S.
8) Esthwaite waterweed stem L.S.

9) Vetch leaf W.S.
10) pollen W.S.

11) Plasmodesma (plasma membrane) Sec.
12) Winter Jasmine leaf T.S.
13) leek skin W.S.
14) Paramecium W.S.
15) fresh water polyp W.S.
16) water flea W.S
17) rotifer W.S
18) common mosquito W.S.
19) human blood smear
20) fish scale W.S.

21) chicken blood smear
22) skeletal muscle L.S.
23) smooth muscle, teased W.S.
24) nerve cells W.S.
25) stomach Sec.
26) small intestine Sec.
27) lymph node T.S.
28) spinal cord T.S.
29) ciliated epithelium Sec.
30) testes Sec.
31) ant W.S.
32) butterfly wing W.S.
33) back leg of bee W.S.
34) butterfly antenna W.S.
35) fly leg W.S.
36) mosquito leg W.S.
37) Spirogyra (alga) W.S.
38) Spirogyra in conjugation W.S.
39) Euglena W.S.
40) fish blood smear

W.S. = Whole Specimen
T.S. = Transverse Section

L.S. = Longitudinal Section
Sec = Section



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Omegon Prepared slide set, 40 slides in a wooden box
Omegon Prepared slide set, 40 slides in a wooden box
Omegon Prepared slide set, 40 slides in a wooden box

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