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Omegon StereoView, 20X magnification, LED lighting, minerals set

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Manufacturer: Omegon

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Omegon StereoView, 20X magnification, LED lighting, minerals set
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Product description:

In addition to a stereomicroscope, this mineral-set includes an attractive booklet (in German) and a small mineral collection.

Omegon Stereovision - Discover the secrets of the very tiny

Our eyes perceive the world in a particular range, but another world also exists - that of the microcosm. What would it be like to be able to see everything that goes on there? The Omegon Stereoview lets you enter the 'first level'.

Simply examine any object that you think could be interesting - observe everything at 20X magnification and experience a completely different view of things.

Using both eyes

A coin, a leaf from a tree or a fascinating fungal culture - it is easy to get closer to any object conceivable under the microscope. You observe using both eyes to enjoy a stunning stereo view. You can also adjust the eyepieces to precisely match the interpupillary distance of your eyes.

Easy focusing

Turn one of the two large focus wheels and it is easy to find the sharpest focus. For larger objects, different areas come into sharp focus at different heights, as the object is not flat but three-dimensional! You can explore these different areas of focus.

LED Illuminated

The LED light source shines on your specimen from above and completely bathes it in a flood of especially bright, neutral white light. You can simply see everything that could be of interest.

Compact and lightweight - made ​​for outdoors

The Omegon Stereovision is only a few hundred grams in weight and extremely compact, so it will fit in your pocket or rucksack. You can take it with you and use it directly, on-site. These stereo microscopes are popular for use in school classes or microscopy groups, for example. How can children learn the secrets of nature better than by direct on-site investigation?

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • compact stereo microscope for children and adults
  • 20X magnification
  • two eyepieces, adjustable interpupillary distance
  • bright LED light (battery operated)
  • white stage
  • two spring clips for holding specimens
Stereo-microscope for beginners

Dorling Kindersley memo Clever Steine & Mineralien

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