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polsökare EQ-500 X

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The EQ-500X polarscope
For clearer dots and fewer streaks - quickly find the celestial pole
The sky is clear, the stars are twinkling. The camera is ready for astrophotography. What is the easiest way to align the EQ-500X mount? Making sure that your mount does not create any streaks, but tracks your camera with pinpoint accuracy. This polarscope is a perfect tool for aligning your mount exactly to the north celestial pole in just a few steps. For inspiring astrophotography.

The highlights at a glance:

  • Polarscope suitable for the EQ-500X mount, simply fasten it to the mount
  • The alignment of the mount to the invisible north celestial pole takes only a few minutes
  • The basis for successful astrophotography with precise tracking
  • Graticule with Big Dipper and Cassiopeia to align your mount without any number crunching
  • Focusable with adjustable sharpness
  • Multi-coated optics provide more contrast to help you see the Polar Star

Tip: Your EQ-500X mount is designed to accommodate your polarscope. The assembly is simple; a thread ensures that it is firmly fastened in place.

Simple but accurate alignment to the Big Dipper
A great help for accurate alignment; the polarscope features a Big Dipper and Cassiopeia marker. Simply rotate the telescope axis about its pivot point until the marking points in the same direction as the current position of the two constellations. It is easy and intuitive!

This will help you find the true celestial pole in just a few simple steps. You no longer have to worry about complicated data scales and numbers. This is a great way for beginners to learn the ropes.

Also suitable for the southern sky - like the Big Dipper, you will also discover the South Pole Star and the Southern Cross on the graticule.

12-hour scale - another easy method of polar alignment
A 12-hour scale gives you a second straightforward way to align the mount. The advantage; the marking looks like the face of a clock and is thus instantly familiar to everyone. The numbers from 1-12 let you know instantly where to set the Pole Star in relation to the celestial pole.

This method is particularly popular when using a smartphone app to orient mounts because the fine graduations allow you to accurately track Polaris' current location in the sky.

The polarscope is focusable
Adjustable according to the observer's requirements. The Omegon polarscope has its own diopter adjustment; a knob with which you can adjust the focus to your eye. The graphic marking and the Pole Star are therefore always in full view.

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Omegon belysning för polsökare för MiniTrack LX3, LX Quattro och EQ-fästen med ljusenhet

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Omegon polsökare EQ-500 X
Omegon polsökare EQ-500 X
Omegon polsökare EQ-500 X

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