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Okular Ortho 10.5 mm 1,25''

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Omegon orthoscopic eyepieces - professional eyepieces for planetary observing

Detail and sharpness are the lifeblood of planetary observing -they are the only way to really enjoy your amazing excursions through the solar system. You will want to be able to see details in the cloud bands on Jupiter or fine structures on Mars. Classic orthoscopic eyepieces have always been among the favourites of experienced planetary observers. This is because their main advantage lies not their field of view but in their extraordinary sharpness. This is another reason for choosing Omegon ortho eyepiece as one of the classics.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • orthoscopic eyepieces have very high field sharpness
  • perfect for planets and double stars
  • only 4 lens elements - for bright, high-contrast images
  • high-quality housing
  • soft rubber eyecups for comfortable viewing

Pin-sharp both in the centre and at the edge

Omegon ortho eyepieces provide extremely high field sharpness, so planets can show you all their details. Not only that, but this superior sharpness is maintained right out to the edge of the field of view. You also enjoy an aberration-free image in these eyepieces - you see astronomical objects as they really are.

Excellent contrast and high light transmission

Less is often more. This is of particular importance to these eyepieces - their use of only 4 lens elements means that Omegon ortho eyepieces have very high light transmission. That is something that is high on the wish list for planetary and double star observing. So don't be surprised if you can split close binary stars which had always given you trouble in the past using these eyepieces.

Multi-coating to supress reflections

The lens elements in these Omegon ortho eyepieces have been fully multi-coated. Reflections are hence suppressed, giving higher contrast and increasing your observing pleasure.

Rubber eyecups to block stray light and increase observing comfort

Omegon ortho eyepieces come equipped with a soft rubber eyecup. They let you observe in comfort and block lateral light which could otherwise lead to unwanted reflections.

Available in 3 versions

You can choose between three different focal lengths: 10.5mm, 16.8mm and 24mm. All the eyepieces have a 1.25" barrel equipped with a filter thread. They can be employed in any 1.25" focuser.

You will receive a 10.5mm focal length eyepiece when purchasing this product.

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Omegon Okular Ortho 10.5 mm 1,25''
Omegon Okular Ortho 10.5 mm 1,25''
Omegon Okular Ortho 10.5 mm 1,25''
Omegon Okular Ortho 10.5 mm 1,25''

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