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DigitalView USB handmikroskop

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Beskrivning av artikel

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Omegon USB hand microscope - the easy way to get started in microscopy

There are sometimes occasions when you wish your eye could make fine detail more visible. The Omegon USB hand microscope makes this simple. It lets you explore the fine details of minerals, fibres, your own skin, electronic components and a whole lot more. Simply connect the microscope to your PC and off you go!

8 LEDs light your subject perfectly

Eight bright LEDs provide bright and neutral illumination for your specimens. The LEDs are arranged in a ring - hence guaranteeing shadow-free illumination.

2 megapixel camera with 'Live' function

A 2 megapixel camera takes continuous images of your specimen and passes them directly to your PC monitor. You see a live image, which includes any movement that may be taking place under the microscope lens. You can examine any object much easier on a large screen. This makes the microscope also excellent for showing demonstrations to a group. The camera and CMOS chip are not only sensitive in the visual field; the near-infrared range - up to 1000 nm - is also covered.

Magnification of up to 200X

Once you have lined up the specimen in the field of view of ​​the microscope, simply turn the focusing wheel to find the optimum sharpness and you can then examine it at leisure on the screen. You can also increase the magnification and select between 1-40X or a whopping 200X magnification.

Practical software included

The microscope and software work as a team. That is why you also receive imaging software included in delivery. This can be used to take still images or for complete video sequences. You can enlarge your images digitally, orientate them or crop them. Once digitally processed, the final image can be printed out or send via email.

Small, handy and always ready for a range of uses

The Omegon USB microscope is suitable for students, adults and professionals. It is suitable for fun use as well as for routine materials testing. It is no longer than a highlighter pen and can be easily stored in a drawer. It is eminently practical - no other microscope is so handy.

Is this the microscope for me?

Buy this microscope if you

  • like to look at specimens at your leisure on a large screen
  • prefer not to look through a single eyepiece
  • want to save your observations
  • only have a limited budget, but still expect a decent image
  • only have limited space
  • only want to investigate objects occasionally
  • just want to have fun exploring the microcosm
  • The advantages in a nutshell:
  • compact USB microscope
  • 2 megapixel resolution
  • bright and neutral illumination, even at high magnification
  • up to 200X magnification
  • imaging software included
  • convenient observing on PC screen
  • Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 10

Similar to ilustration. This product currently comes supplied with the Belona Logo

Vår expertkommentar:

Tyvärr har den här beskrivningen ännu inte översatts till svenska, så du hittar en engelsk artikelbeskrivning här.

Here are a few useful software tips:

  • Treiber - simple software for image capture.
  • Amcap - simple software for image capture.

(Pedro Pereira)

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Omegon DigitalView USB handmikroskop
Omegon DigitalView USB handmikroskop
Omegon DigitalView USB handmikroskop
Omegon DigitalView USB handmikroskop
Omegon DigitalView USB handmikroskop

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