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Finder upgrade kit for mini Dobsonian

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Product description

This upgrade kit is suitable for Mini-Dobsonians purchased from 2016 on

Upgrade kit for mini Dobsonian - better observing by using LED finder and filters

Opt for the new upgrade kit for your mini Dobsonian telescope if you:

  • want to be able to find astronomical objects more easily
  • don't want the Moon to dazzle you

Two good ways of making your observing more pleasant and more fun.

LED finder - helps you locate objects more quickly

It is not always so easy to locate a particular astronomical object with a telescope. Most observers can find the Moon relatively easy. But once you want to locate planets, it can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. Simply attach the LED finder next to your eyepiece on the mount.

  • you will now see a red target dot projected onto the night sky
  • locating objects with this is then simplicity itself

Moon filter - subdues bright moonlightThe Moon is the brightest object in the night sky and is 25,000 times brighter than the brightest stars. No wonder that it can dazzle you through the eyepiece. The Moon filter in the upgrade kit lets you reduce the brightness. Simply screw the filter into the barrel of the eyepiece and reinsert the eyepiece in the telescope. Now there is nothing in the way of an evening observing with the entire family!

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • upgrade kit - makes your observing significantly easier
  • LED finder - enables simple location of the Moon, planets and nebulae
  • Moon filter - for lunar observing enjoyment


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Omegon Finder upgrade kit for mini Dobsonian
Omegon Finder upgrade kit for mini Dobsonian
Omegon Finder upgrade kit for mini Dobsonian

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