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Omegon 1,25'' Smartphone and Telescope Photo Adapter

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Fabricante: Omegon

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Omegon 1,25'' Smartphone and Telescope Photo Adapter
Omegon 1,25'' Smartphone and Telescope Photo Adapter
Omegon 1,25'' Smartphone and Telescope Photo Adapter
Descrição do produto
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Descrição do produto:

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One adapter, two jobs - take pictures with either your camera or smartphone

Which one to use tonight? - the camera or the smartphone? Now there is an adapter that combines both functions in one product. Decide on the spot which you prefer to use for taking successful shots of the Moon and the planets.

The advantages in a nutshell

  • universal camera adapter for cameras and smartphones
  • rigid mounting onto the telescope - clear images of your objects
  • 1/4" photo screw for mounting a camera with lens
  • micro-shift adjustment in three axes - precise positioning of smartphone/camera at the eyepiece
  • suitable for all telescopes with 1.25 inch focuser

The quickest way to your first astronomy photos

The road to your own astrophotography is now quicker than ever. Previously it was an art, but now it is accessible to any night sky fan. This camera and smartphone adapter lets you take photos of the Moon and even of individual lunar craters. And when Jupiter and Saturn are over the horizon you have subjects that are a dream for your camera.

Fixed connection to the telescope

The bridge between your camera/smartphone and the telescope is the eyepiece screw. This fixes your adapter to eyepieces of between 28-45mm in diameter.

Camera or mobile phone?

Now you have to decide whether the Digicam or the smartphone is your choice for the night. The smartphone adapter sits on a camera platform and is attached via a ¼ inch screw.

If your choice is the smartphone, just insert it in the socket and fix the clamp. If you decide on the camera, then remove the smartphone attachment and place your camera on the platform instead.

Precisely adjustable - height, width and depth

The adapter can be adjusted in three different directions for better photos - you can position the lens precisely in front of the eyepiece by adjusting the height, width and depth! Your camera is held parallel to the eyepiece and is correctly illuminated.

The Omegon camera and smartphone adapter is suitable for those first steps in astrophotography. So get your first experience, practice using the camera and telescope together, and then proudly show your nearest and dearest your first shots of the night sky.


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