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Omegon Pro Tritron bino-viewers, 1.25''

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Fabricante: Omegon

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360 degree Omegon Pro Tritron bino-viewers, 1.25''
Omegon Pro Tritron bino-viewers, 1.25''
Omegon Pro Tritron bino-viewers, 1.25''
Omegon Pro Tritron bino-viewers, 1.25''
Omegon Pro Tritron bino-viewers, 1.25''
Omegon Pro Tritron bino-viewers, 1.25''
Omegon Pro Tritron bino-viewers, 1.25''
Descrição do produto
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Descrição do produto:

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Next generation bino-viewers - focus on any telescope without extending the focal length

A clear image for both eyes, with any telescope. Without any tricks or optical lenses. Omegon Pro bino-viewers make this possible. A new optical system makes it easy to focus - even with Newtonian telescopes and short refractors - and without changing the focal length or magnification. With absolutely no need of an optical path corrector or Barlow lens, but with a fantastically good image!

The advantages in a nutshell

  • bino-viewers with a beam splitter mirror - better contrast and less optical errors. The result - a much better image
  • zero back focus - you can achieve focus with any telescope
  • no path corrector or Barlow lens necessary
  • even small magnifications with a wide field of view are possible, as the focal length is not extended
  • Twist Lock System - your eyepieces are centred automatically and clamped flat

  1. A bino-viewer for every telescope - zero back-focus
  2. Normally, every standard bino-viewers need a huge 100mm optical path, and that means not every telescope is suitable for it. Or you need a corrector with a long extender, which also extends the focal length. Not anymore! Use these bino-viewers on your Newtonian telescope or on any other telescope. Just slide in, focus and observe. Now you can enjoy the night sky with both eyes - through any telescope.
  3. For the Moon, Planets and deep sky objects
  4. Use your favourite eyepieces in your new bino-viewers. Whether short, medium or long focal length - the magnification always corresponds to the respective eyepiece and remains unchanged. Even the field of view stays the same, as if you were observing in a normal way through your eyepiece using just one eye. The extra plus - you can now not just use high magnifications for planets, but also lower magnifications for extended deep-sky objects. Try that using ordinary bino-viewers!
  5. Beam splitter mirror - the concept for a better image
  6. These bino-viewers are really out of the ordinary! The completely different system employs a 99% reflection beam splitter mirror and no prism. What are the advantages? - This optical system provides you with

  • a better image
  • more contrast
  • less image aberrations

Thanks to the mirror system, less light is lost meaning you get a bright image - even at higher magnifications.

Sliding System - perfect viewing for everyone

These bino-viewers work quite differently - Omegon bino-viewers use a modern sliding system with no hinged bridge. The scale supplied lets you precisely set your own personal interpupillary distance to between 58 and 74mm - allowing the whole family to observe through these bino-viewers, with even small children able to marvel at the Moon and planets.

1.25" Twist Lock system - centres eyepieces firmly and gently

This feature shows the high-quality design of Omegon bino-viewers - the Twist Lock 1.25" adapter automatically centres your eyepieces and firmly and gently clamps them in place over a large 15mm area​​. Gone are the days when your eyepieces have deep notches from clamping screws drilled into their barrels, The Twist Lock system ensures a long life for your eyepieces and maximum enjoyment of your accessories.

Upright image

The seven lens element system provides you with an upright image. With Newtonian telescopes completely without need of any additional optical components. For refractors and SC telescopes, we recommend using them in combination with the optional penta-prism for an upright image.


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