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Omegon Filtro #12 2'' colour filter, yellow

Nr. do produto: 47394
Fabricante: Omegon

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Descrição do produto
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Descrição do produto:

Infelizmente, a descrição deste produto ainda não está em Portuguê portanto, você encontrará uma descrição em Inglês do produto aqui.

Omegon colour filters - show a wealth of detail when observing planets

Does observing planets fascinate you, but you find you would like to see much more detail? Omegon colour filters increase the contrast with planetary and lunar observing. They bring out structure and surface details, something that was never possible without filters.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • increases contrast - discover more details on planets
  • glass filter in anodized aluminium mount - extremely slim design
  • the entire glass volume is coloured
  • provides a homogenous image across the entire filter
  • filters can be combined with one other
  • suitable for 2" eyepieces with a 2" filter thread
  • optimum protection - comes in a robust plastic storage box

See details that were previously almost invisible

These filters function by selectively filtering colours in order to increase certain details on planets and to reducing glare. The solid-coloured glass filters are plane-parallel and homogeneous. In addition to the filtering effect, their excellent quality ensures successful observing.

Also suitable for use in filter wheels

The anodized aluminium mount is only 5mm thick. This allows you to successfully use the filters in a star diagonal or filter wheel.


The filter mounts have a 2" filter thread on both sides, allowing you to combine two filters.


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