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Omegon cleaning system

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Fabricante: Omegon

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Omegon cleaning system
Omegon cleaning system
Descrição do produto
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Descrição do produto:

Infelizmente, a descrição deste produto ainda não está em Portuguê portanto, você encontrará uma descrição em Inglês do produto aqui.

Cleaning System - to ensure you always have a clear view

You are tearing your hair out. Your holiday pictures are blurred and you are going ballistic. Dust and grease on your camera or binoculars will lead to poor images and frustrating observing.

This cleaning system lets you, quickly and easily, get rid of all the grot on your lenses.

The advantages in a nutshell:

  • to always have clear vision - removes dirt and dust from lenses
  • removes grease very effectively
  • 2-stage cleaning process - with a fine brush and a felt pad
  • felt pad with square and round sections and cleansing powder
  • designed like a biro - with a clip for easy storage

Why the view through your binoculars is deteriorating

Binoculars, camera lenses and eyepieces - these optics are constantly exposed to the environment and its associated dirt. The cleaning brush helps you to remove dust and dirt from all your optical surfaces.

Your eyelashes often come into contact with the eyepiece and every time some of grease on them rubs off. If you do not clean your lenses occasionally, then the image will eventually become dim and even blurred. The cleaning brush lets you restore the optical performance.

Fine brush for removing dust

One side of the Omegon cleaning system has a brush which can be slid out. This fine lens brush is dry and is perfect for removing loose dust.

Pad for removing grease and fingerprints

The other side of the cleaning system serves as a cleaning pad. It can be used to remove streaks, fingerprints and deposits arising from cosmetics.

The pad is kept constantly moist by a protective cap. Its cleaning action is optimised by coating with the special cleansing powder.

Round or triangular pad

You can select between a round and a triangular pad. Simply rotate pad's holder and you can clean using the triangular faces which can get into nooks and crannies inaccessible to the round pad.


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